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"I'm back! Companionless..."
The eleventh doctor reached out, hand gripping the edge of a bookshelf filled with ancient scrolls and modern manuscripts. The room was rather expansive, but it was just that, a single room.
"You've been companionless before."
The doctor peered past a bookshelf to see youthful eyes staring back at him. They contained so much wisdom, brighter than nebulas and he knew the person who owned then was even more brilliant.
"... You haven't aged a day."
It was a compliment, on your planet, and the Doctor knew it. You gave a half-smile, hardly able to do so as you thought of the truth at his comment. You used to age and never wanted to grow old, and now, there were no worries about that. You were trapped in time and space. In a hidden room, which only the doctor stumbled upon sometimes.
"What are you doing here? I can't help you if you're lost like the first time. I don't even know where I am."
"You're in a prison."
The doctor turned around to motion at the walls, window and doorless. He then turned towards you slowly, taking a stride forward and helping himself to a worn-out seat.
"Is it a painful kind of alone for you, to be companionless?"
The doctor said nothing for a long time, what could have been seconds or days. He jumped through memories and skydived through answers and the lies he told himself.
"It burns both my hearts. I remember them, Amy and Rory. I still have so much I want to show them..."
You slowly went beside him and sat down, pausing after. You then spoke as you glanced at a painting of the entire galaxy. Every universe was just a white dot. It was amazing what each speck of colour represented.
"Some people, Doctor, don't want the world. They just want to be home."
"That's so human of you... And you? Immortality and saving the world finally wearing you out?"
"It's already worn me out... Sometimes I doubt that I'm still human."
The doctor glanced sideways at you, remembering times when you were so much happier. What was that? 21st century Earth? What has been six hundred years of you locked up in here. He had already argued his heart and soul out with you, he had begged you to come out. He had promised you the entire world and pressed fleeting kisses to your skin, tasting tears and knowing that you wanted to leave. He had promised to take you home if you didn't want to travel. He promised so much to you and delivered nothing.
"Remember, I can take you back. Just wish, just tell me, and I'll bring you back. To the day you left, to see everyone you left behind."
"You know I can't. I have to stay here. Or else they die."
The doctor jumped to his feet, perhaps the quickest move he had done since he arrived. He held out his hand to you, remembering a hundred times when you had taken it. Not all those times had been to pull you along.
"Religion is one thing. But sacrifices are-"
"You say that, but you couldn't rescue me. So just leave, doctor. And never come back."
The doctor looked around the room, a bit of anger swirling in his inside. It was a cage you couldn't run away from. Why couldn't you just do what you wanted? Why did responsibility matter so much now? After six hundred years of solitude, did you want more? Did you want millenniums and millenniums until you went completely crazy? You were human. You weren't meant for this.
"Take my hand, and it'll only get better. This isn't your job."
"Nor is saving them or me yours."
You turned away from the doctor, feeling his hand go on your shoulder. He bowed his head and you could feel his breath over your ear as he whispered his plan.
You spun around to stop him, to tell him it was foolish, but the Tardis was already fading into time and space. He was already gone.


"Are we going away again?"
The doctor looked down at you, holding onto his arm as you two strolled towards where he had last parked his Tardis. Purple ash was beneath your feet, green skies and large crystal bubbles floating around space. You smiled so easily, it was about six or so hundred years ago. When you used to be curious, wishing to see what would be shown, but mostly, just to be with him. For some reason, you were the only companion who came along just for him. He could show you solar rain storms or alien festivals, and your eyes would be on him.
You were in love with him.
And he knew it.
"I was going to bring you with me," And the last time he had done so, he ended up trapping you forever. "But instead I've decided that you should go home and get some rest first. And I may be awhile, so don't wait up."
"But how can you be awhile? You have a time machine."
The doctor didn't show any emotions as he looked down at you. Your eyes widened a bit by the lack of emotion before seeing pain and sorrow curl around his irises. You stepped back, shaking your head.
"No. You can't leave me. Please, don't-"
"I have to."
"Why? That's what you always say. So why do you do it?"
"For you. I always say that when you have something precious, you have to keep running and run until your out of the shadows. So let's run."
He held out his hand and you took it firmly. He pulled you closer, his other arm looping around your waist. He bowed his head and stole a single kiss, a light kiss which could have been seconds or hours. Neither of you seemed to want to stop, not until a loud crash far away made him pull away. He slowly licked his lips clean before they twisted up in a grin.
"Well then, to the Tardis."
He continued to hold your hand as he pulled you inside the Tardis. You closed the doors as he pressed buttons and slid across the floor, telling you of a fantastic place he wanted to bring you. A place you'd love forever.


"Home?" You looked around to find everything the exact same from when the doctor first whisked you away. You turned to face the doctor as he explained.
"Sometimes humans only need home."
"But home is where your loved ones are. So my home isn't soon going to be in this era."
"I live a lonely life, even with all the stars."
"So let me keep you company then."
"No... Because even with two of us, you'll end up wishing for home. Your heart will crack and time will wear you down until you doubt you're even human. We're out of the shadows now. So I have to let you go."
You stepped forward and the doctor put his hands around waist. In one clean move he lifted you off the ground, scooping you up and spinning you around. You gave a small smile before he started to walk towards the door. He knocked on it by kicking it lightly with his foot. Soon it unlocked and was opened by a family member of yours. The doctor pushed you into their arms, his glance wavering on you before he turned away and ran. He had something so very precious with him he had to run with. He had memories.


"Choose me! I'll do it, I'm the doctor!"
The Doctor jumped to his feet, hands waving in the midst of the alien council. One shook his head very slowly.
"No, we already have one. A human," The Doctor began shaking his head as he saw you surrounded by alien guards. Your eyes showed fear and the moment you saw the doctor you reached out for him.
He took a leaping bound over some a few rows of seats and aliens in them, almost stumbling to the ground. He managed to regain his footing though, sonic screwdriver out and running as fast as he ever could. He ducked below the swords going in an 'x' formation by the guards and wrapped his arms around you, falling to the ground. He turned in the air to crash on his back, saving you from any pain. He then scampered to his feet, an arm around your waist though you had stopped moving on your own.
"Come on, we have to go and go now-"
"Why? You left me. You ran away from me. Didn't I mean something to you? Let me do what they want. I'll be able to help somebody, because you don't need any. You leave me every chance you get."
You pushed him away as you stood up and strode to the centre of the room.
"No, it's not that! Don't step there! Don't! DON'T!!!"
He couldn't reach you in time though, a bright light stealing you away from him. He felt utterly shocked, his fingertips going numb. He had lost you a second time.
He darted back to the Tardis. His plan didn't exactly work the way he had wanted it to.


"That was very low of you. If it's not me, it'll be someone else."
You spoke with vigour as the doctor paced back and forth in the small confines of the prison-turned-library. It had been an attempt by the alien 'god' to keep their sacrifices occupied, slowly eating away their life's energy and replacing it with a hollowness, letting you live forever, but turning you into a ghost of what you were.
"No. I could have stopped him. I should have... I will."
And before he knew it, he was back in time.


Each time he saw you smile it killed him. A memory of what you were. What you should be. Not a prison for an eternity.
He seemed unable to stop it. No matter how hard he fought or how loud he yelled. No matter how many times that God was almost was killed or destroyed or was locked away by the Doctor, it kept coming back for you.
"You're a very hard girl to save, do you realize that?"
You didn't respond but placed a hand on his cheek, looking into his eyes.
"Stop trying. Please, you're only hurting yourself."
"Then come with me. What do I have to do to-"
"I'm dead."
You gave the doctor a faint smile before walking to get a book. It was of history, and you opened it up before showing it to the doctor.
"When I vanished from Earth, they recorded it as me dying. Perhaps I did. But you have to think that I did. Or else it'll eat you away to."
"What's eating me is the fact that you're trapped here. I'd do anything for that to go away."
You pressed your lips to his cheek, murmuring softly to him. "Then let's forget each other. Goodbye, doctor."
And suddenly, he knew the answer. His hands clenched to your shoulders and he bowed his head, his lips pressing to your forehead then hesitantly over your mouth. It was your first kiss from him, and it was a farewell. Tears wet your eyes as he stepped backwards towards the Tardis.
"I'll give you some good memories."
The doctor then closed the door and you sat down, mind blurring slightly and suddenly remembering what you knew the doctor just went back in time to do. Walks on Alien worlds and delicious kisses, adventures by the dozen and moments in the middle of collections of stars, just staring at each other. And the moment he looked so truthfully in your eyes and told you that you were more precious to him than the entire galaxy. That he was doing this for you.
And then, you remembered nothing.
You were nothing.
You ceased to exist.


He staid hidden as you tripped and fell on the sidewalk. He ached to go towards you and fix your bleeding lip like last time, but now he staid away. He saw you wince in pain and cover your mouth. He followed you as you passed a few people, a man stopping you. He looked kind as he helped you clean the blood away.
"You can trust me, you know. I'm a doctor."
"Really? This may seem odd, but I feel like this was supposed to happen."
The man gave a small chuckle as he smiled well-meaningly.
"Maybe it was."
The doctor meanwhile placed his hands over his face and quickly twirled around. No, no, no. He couldn't talk to you. No, this way you'd be safe from all harm. But as you smiled at the man, something hot seared inside of him.
"Wait, stop!"
The doctor darted out and stood before you, offering you a smile and putting his arm around you like he had done so before a million times. This time though, he was pushed away.
"I think you have me confused with someone else... I better be going and see a doctor."
You turned and ran away as both males were about to speak. They then looked at each other.
"I am a doctor."
"But I am THE doctor. So I must ask that you stay away from my companion."
"That is so not happening. She's rather cute, and was interested in me. So why don't you walk away?"
And the doctor did so, into his Tardis.


"Look, a, um, a robot!... Yeah, robots are cool."
The man, the same as before who was a doctor, looked behind him as the doctor offered you a hand from which you gladly took. He then took out a tissue and wiped the edges of your mouth clean from any blood.
"I could've used such a gentlemen ten seconds ago when I was losing my balance."
It was meant as a joke, but the doctor gave a light frown. It had been a very trying day for him.
"Time travel is rather difficult."
"Time travel? Are you serious? If so, I'd love to come along."
He had gotten it wrong, again.


"I gotcha."
The doctor wrapped his arms around you as you lost your balance. He pulled you into his body, keeping you from falling and keeping your mouth from bleeding.
"Thank you, but you can let go now."
"Of course."
The doctor spun on his heels and vanished from sight as you turned around. You saw nobody, and shrugged before going into your house.
You sighed and dropped your things on a table before stepping inside. There was a man inside with a bow tie and suspenders. You nervously walked backwards away from him as he spoke.
"Remember me?"
And you screamed, at the top of your lungs until he silenced you with a kiss. You smacked him furiously, whimpering and crying.
"Help! HELP!"
The doctor pulled away from you covered your mouth with his.
"I have some things to tell you-"
You bit his hand hard and ran outside, the air soon filling with sirens. The doctor watched the police enter the house from the Tardis before going back in time a few minutes.
But he never gave up trying.
This may seem a little confusing...
I may do a second part..
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I know, utterly all over the place. 
So, you're in sone type of prison as some 'sacrifice'. If you leave, people will die. The doctor can't get you to leave, so he goes back in time and takes your younger self on adventures. After awhile he really wants to get you out of prison, so he rewrites time by never meeting you. But he loves you too much to let you go, so now he's trying to find a way to make you meet in the perfect scenario. 
I should try to keep my stories more simple 0.o
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