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April 17
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185. Reality leaves a horrible taste sometimes

"He's a psychopath who was only using you! Can't you see that? He just wanted to get to me-"
"Why does it always have to be about you, Sherlock? Why do you always have to break the girl's heart?"
"Why do you only fall for sociopaths?"
You turned away from him, but knew it was true. Attracted to the danger and the odd like Watson, but relying on emotions like nobody else surrounded you did.
"It's love, Sherlock."
"It's pointless."
"I never said it wasn't."

186. Your rumpled sheets.

Your sheets were twisted around your body, and you knew Moriarty was already gone as you woke up. Why would he stay around? You found his clothes gone as you got dressed in your bedroom, then strode down the stairs.
"I will destroy you for trying to poison me and ruin my-!"
Moriarty stopped midway from his rant as he saw you. He then gave a dismissive smile to you before frowning at his burnt pancakes he was attempting to cook.

187. One foot in the water.

"Is this how I'm going to die?"
"Yup!" He popped the 'p', grinning briefly as he made a waving motion with his gun. You didn't move further back into the ocean though. If you would die either way, shooting you would prove that you were murdered.
"Then your plan is horrendous. You'll have to shoot me."
"Oh, but this gun isn't for you~ it's for her." Moriarty grabbed somebody out of a car, a tied and bound person who you would have claimed to be your bet friend a day ago. The gun was pressed to their temple and you slowly turned to look at the ocean.
You put your other foot into the frigid waters, taking a step forward. Maybe you could survive this, swim away beneath the surface. Maybe you could-
You heard a shot be fired then felt the gun against your lower back.
"Guess you got your wish."

188. A string of words with no meaning.

"I will kill you! Tear out your eyeballs and step on them, then rip the hearts out of your family members."
You merely giggled as Moriarty's face creased with anger and his words were honest.
"I will cut you open and put in worms, then let them eat you after burying you alive."
You pressed a kiss to his cheek to soothe the slight show of wrinkles showing across his skin.
No matter what Moriarty said, seeing him pacing around on his cellphone in his pyjamas was rather amusing.

114. A spoonful of sugar makes the lies go down.

You licked the spoon after raising it from your cup of tea as you observed Sherlock closely. Moriarty asked that you keep an eye on your old friend, and you constantly seemed to be manipulated by both sides to spy on the other.
But Moriarty had won, you were truly working for him. And you wondered if Sherlock knew.
So you took the last few undissolved sugar crystals on your tongue, trying to keep the bitter taste away from your mouth as you smiled at him.
"I've broken up with him, with Moriarty." Sherlock saw through your lies by mere logic. A few days ago you stormed out to be with the consulting criminal. You showed no signs of the major events which would have needed to take place for you to change your mind.
"I'm not sure which is worse. That you're a terrible liar, or you feel the need to betray our old relationship every chance you get."
"I think the worse is what love has made me do. I'm not going to tell Moriarty anymore about you."
Sherlock couldn't immediately see any signs of lies or truth though. "Is that another lie?"
"I don't know." And that was the truth.
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LadyFaustus Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Another brilliant piece from a brilliant writer! :icongrellplz:
Nikkaliah Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this!!! :love: especially 'A string of words with no meaning' :D Thanks for doing my BM challenge
Fate4Destiny Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student Writer
No problem. It was rather fun ;)
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