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55. Everyone was dancing, but me.

It's not a fairytale, when a man from across the room offers you his hand for a dance. It doesn't matter how sharply he's dressed or his manners. It doesn't matter how his compliments make you blush and look away, or that he's the perfect gentleman.
Sometimes you only wondered if he'd ever let you dance. To play the part of his companion at these events was in your job description as Mycroft's personal assistant, sure. But would he ever take you to a place you didn't have to follow his predetermined script every single time?
"Would you like to dance? I just realized I have yet to ask you."
Your eyes light up as if Sherlock was given a triple homicide, and you took his hand. It didn't matter the type of dance or the music, for Mycroft all that mattered was that he could now put on a show for a minister of someplace who was in charge of something you would never care to look up.
But for you, all that mattered was that dance. You finally but your arm candy to good use.

56. Nameless.

"Hello, brother... Who's the new toy? Did she replace Anthea- or is she your lover? So definitely a new toy." Sherlock gave Mycroft a mock look of care before rolling his eyes slightly and looking the other way at where Watson was walking in the room. As Watson came in he apologized for being late then gave you a small smile.
"So what's your name-"
"She will be nameless to everyone in this room, and that is final."
You weren't sure if he was trying to protect you or annoy his brother, but it made you feel a little special. You got up to 'nameless' status. You wondered if it came with a pay increase.

57. Debauchery.

"Did anybody ever tell you too much cake is a bad thing?"
"It's either this or you let me return to my smoking habit."
You shook your head, unwilling to move on that. He and his brother, according to you and Watson, were to have a strict few months away from alcohol, drugs, or smoking. So as Sherlock turned to his violin to distract his hands, Mycroft took to eating cake.
"Have you tried gum yet? I have strawberry and mint flavoured if you want to-"
"Terrible habit to get into. It's too... typical of people."
You gave a small nod as if you understood, the same nod that got you through math class when you were younger, then pulled the plate away from him.
"Well, I think I can find another way to keep your hands and mouth occupied."
"Like what?"
Mycroft looked a little interested as you placed a hand on his cheek. "I'm sure you can figure that out on your own without me telling you and spoiling the surprise."

58. Paris. (Either the city, or the mythological Greek. --------City, I choose you!)

Paris, the city of love. And waking up at five am for your bosses meeting with the French foreign affairs minister. It honestly puzzled you why Anthea could stay in London and make her own work schedules while you had to fly around the world with your boss, Mycroft Holmes. Even more baffling was that he always waited for you to join him in the hotel lobby. And there wasn't much to do that required you to be constantly on your phone like Anthea.
Dare you say, it was almost relaxing.
"We'll meet the minister later, so we may as well walk for awhile."
You didn't argue with him (he controlled your pay check) so accepted his arm, wrapping yours around his and walking next to him. The walk ended up taking you two in circles and you wondered if he noticed. Eventually you decided to bring it up.
"We're going in circles. Are you sure we'll be on time to meet the minister-?"
"That meeting isn't until tomorrow. I can't simply take a walk with you?"
You quickly shook you head then held onto his arm a little tighter, leaning slightly on to him as he brought you to a cafe. You finally figured out why Anthea got to stay in London and sleep in.

59. Exhale.

"Just breathe, in and out, like that."
No matter what the paramedic said, you couldn't call your racing heart. Ash laid on your clothes and though Mycroft could brush it off and Anthea was already on her phone getting more security, you could only sit. You were wrapped in a shock blanket, the building explosion almost killing you in the blast. How did anybody manage to put a bomb in one of the most heavily guarded buildings in London?
"Well, I suppose we may as well retire for the evening. Anthea, you may go home."
Anthea nodded and walked up to an elevator as if almost dying happened everyday- what if it was? What kind of job did you just sign up for?
You felt Mycroft help you to your feet and hail a cab outside. He got into the back with you and gave the driver the address to one of his multiple apartments in London. You let him guide you around as if you were blind, only moving to accept the cup of warm tea he offered you.
When you looked at him, he had a soft smile.
Maybe that explosion did some damage to your head or vision.
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