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September 15, 2013
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"Jim, please."
"It's against regulations, commander."
You pouted at your captain and first officer as they stared you down. Or at least as much as Kirk would.
"Why do you need one anyways? It's a children's toy."
"It's for Bones. Trust me."
Kirk sighed and finally dug out some credits he had. Spock left under Kirk's 'order'.
On this day, as usual, McCoy was drinking. This time it was Romulan ale, but a collection of glasses was at his table. He was sitting alone.
You walked up to him and placed a single card down before leaving.
--Thanks Daddy for the toy. Next time, come to my birthday party, okay? I love you, Joanna.--
Tears ran down McCoy's face as he took the paper with trembling fingers. It was the only time since the divorce that he would not get drunk on this day. And the only time in years that Joanna communicated with him at all.

"I don't care ya damned hobgoblin. It's my sickbay, I have no patients, so I'll do what I want!"
Spock raised an eyebrow as the music played on and you were seen dancing freely in the background. It was the first time the half-Vulcan hadn't seen you tense, the first time you truly did seem human.
"Bones, dance with me some more."
You took the CMO's hand and he spun you around. You laughed and gave him a messy kiss. Oh yeah, he thought, the perks to him being able to do anything in sickbay. And when it came to you, he meant ANYTHING.

"He's a divorcee who's wife left him with nothing. He's probably too old for me and has an issue with transporters. He keeps arguing with everybody, always needs to give his opinion and curses out just about any alien- especially Vulcans- any chance he gets."
The ensign gave you a pitiful look as you wrapped their burns up in new bandages.
"How can you work for a man like that?"
Both of you looked nearby where McCoy was busy arguing with Spock. The half-Vulcan looked half-dead from some unknown illness McCoy would surely have the cure for in a few hours.
"I don't know. Because he worries for me, let's me get away with a lot of things, he cares for the entire crew... I don't really know why, but I kinda actually do love-"
"Hey! No gossiping over there! You have another patient after that one!"
You sighed, nodded, and sent the ensign away. The glanced at you before leaving.
"I kinda get what you're saying. He does have a type of charm to him... Though, I think he just put his paperwork on your desk..."

"How many drinks did'cha have?"
McCoy fell thick onto his southern accent as he placed his drink down. You gave a drunken giggle as you sat on his lap. You began kissing his jawline and the doctor's voice fell even gruffer.
"What'cha doin', darlin'?"
You gave McCoy a sweet look as you came closer to his lips.
"Sure thin', sweetie."
Nearby Kirk rolled his eyes at Scotty.
"I'm the captain of the ship yet I have to work hard to pick up a women. He's a drunken divorcee- who the hell is Spock making out with?!? What the hell is wrong with today?"

"It's just a cut-"
"What if it gets infected?"
"Then at least my reputation would be in check. Put me down!"
McCoy merely grunted as you shifted and e continued to carry you bridal style down the halls of the Enterprise. You blushed and hid your face in the crook of his neck. You breathed in the scent if medicine and disinfectant. There must have been one with narcotic purposes because you felt like a daze just being around the doctor.
He soon placed you down on a bed, resting his body next to you. He picked up your hand and trailed his lips over the cut.
"Bones, we're not in sickbay-"
McCoy's blue eyes were filled with love and lust as he trailed his lips higher.
"I know.... But I don't want to do this somewhere someone can disturb us... I love you."
His eyes fell half closed as he kissed your response away. He didn't want to hear any type of no. He wasn't sure his heart could take it after feeling it beat so hard every time he merely thought of you. He simply loved you and wasn't expecting you to love him in return...
"Bones, I love you to."
Fandom: Star Trek
Done so far in this style: Chekov, Sulu, Spock
This 'style' is five short fics.
Warnings: implied sexual content (depending on your own mind), some mild swear words...

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