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September 20, 2013
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"Bones! Agh!"
"Breathe, just breathe. Chapel, get me that hypo!"
Chapel rushed to do as asked and McCoy places it in your arm to dull some of the pain. He then places it carefully yet quickly on a nearby table. His hands are filled with fluids and blood, and he bites his lower lip. He studies the jumping lines on various screens around him and his voice becomes a lot more firm, gruff even.
"Now push again,"
A scream rips through your throat and McCoy wiped his brow with the back of his arm. This would still take awhile. And he'd be with you every second.
After a harsh half hour he's holding a small body. The body of his son. He smiles almost foolishly at it, everything else forgotten. He wiped it carefully off as best as he can before sitting on the edge of your bed. He shows you the red-faced baby whose already screaming away, chocking lightly on leftover fluid in its throat.
His fingers wrap in yours and he kisses your lips, not keeping his own there since you're panting. He strokes your sweaty hair and soon you're asleep with no intentions of awakening in the next few hours.
He calls Chapel over and tells her to run through your vitals. If there's any problem, call him immediately. McCoy then fills a sink with water and washes the baby, trying to keep his usual firm hands soft enough for the child. He wraps it up in a blanket, holds it firmly, safely. So the baby's head is supported and everything else which should be done.
His eyes shimmer with something Chapel can't place but decides is happiness. An emotion the doctor hardly ever has displayed before, especially in sickbay. The small bundle never leaves his arms as he overlooks Chapel's work. He's not willing to let his son go to do the other work himself.
Once you're sleeping peacefully and everyone is cleaned up, including McCoy, he calls the one person he promised would be first to see the child after he and his team.
"Jim, come down to sickbay. Got someone ya might want to see."
"A boy or girl?"
"A boy."
"I'll be right down."
McCoy hears some muffled talk on the other side of the line and then Kirk is talking to him again.
"Can I bring the rest of the bridge crew?"
"No. Not now... But you can bring Spock."
Spock raises an eyebrow on the bridge but didn't give any complaints.
Soon both the captain and first officer and looking at the small bundle. McCoy's still smiling, no curses for the half-Vulcan or lecturing the captain in his own way.
"He's perfect, ain't he?"
"He's amazing."
Kirk agrees and pats McCoy on the shoulder, a grin breaking out on his lips. He's never seen McCoy like this before. Calm, happy, almost like he shot himself accidentally with a sedative.
"He does bare a resemblance to you. Statistically speaking, he will grow up healthy."
"Can't you just say you're happy?"
Spock doesn't reply and McCoy shakes his head. Spock steps closer to look at the child.
"What have you decided to name it, doctor?"
McCoy glances at where you're sleeping, and smiles to himself.
"We had the perfect name for the baby if it was a boy. I'm sure she'll want to tell you herself, but I need to fill out a birth certificate anyways. Tiberius McCoy... Because she decided Jim didn't sound like a promising name. And she had no idea what Spock's is."
Tears now leak down McCoy's face and Kirk hugs him as best as he can without applying pressure to the child.
"It's perfect, Bones."
"It better be. You do have an ego."
Kirk gives a light laugh before glancing at Spock.
"What's wrong, Spock? Jealous?"
"The child does not yet have a middle name... Doctor, say this; Khiori."
"Khi- Khiori. It's a little tricky. Vulcan?"
"Yes. It means star. Perhaps a suitable name for a child born among them?"
Something faintly like hope filled Spock's voice and a new voice was heard.
"Tiberius Khiori McCoy. I love it."
McCoy walked rather quickly to your bedside and smiled as he pressed his lips to yours.
"Someone just has to tell me how to spell the Vulcan on the birth certificate."
You smiled lightly at the doctor before kissing him once more. You then hold your child for the first time.
"My little star..."
You held the baby boy as McCoy holds you in his arms, Kirk drapes an arm on McCoy's shoulders and Spock kneels on the bed to get a better sight of the child. Chapel took a photo without anybody noticing, which McCoy kept a copy in his desk for the rest of his career on the Enterprise.
Fandom: star trek

Pairing: McCoy x reader

I know McCoy's personality is a little out of it, but it's a very special event for him

This was supposed to be a longer story, but I didn't like how I did it and these types of stories have a bad history with me from other ones I read which are just well, horrible.

Anyways, comment, review, follow me, and/or whatever! But I really would like reviews~!

Oh, and any requests are welcomed to.
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