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September 13, 2013
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"Don't you think this is all going too fast?"
McCoy merely gripped the bar at waist height behind you even tighter. Your fingers were on the back of his uniform, his hands on either side of you. You two were pressed tightly, mixing breath until your arched slightly to place your head on his shoulder. The space was confined and a shift made McCoy lightly press into you. He tried to lock his elbows in place but that wouldn't work, he'd be more liable to break his arms then stop himself.
"If I was you, darlin', I'd be less concerned with the speed and more concerned about when it'll stop. I'm gettin' dizzy."
You rolled your eyes briefly, secretly revelling in the way McCoy's gruff voice began to sway in his southern accent. He couldn't see your blatant show of exasperation and he locked a leg with yours. You were about to question it when you felt the small tremor. It had become a sign of a bigger one.
You subconsciously held McCoy flushed against you, making the doctor do the same back. He gave a small groan as you two were slammed helplessly into the wall, the shuttle still spinning seemingly out of control.
"Next time, Bones-"
His agape mouth lightly brushed against your neck as another tremble made you two once more fill with pain. You paused at the somewhat kiss, not saying anything for a moment.
"Next time what? Ya gonna trust my advice? I ain't a doctor for nuthin'."
"Now you've completely gone into accent."
McCoy merely gave you a light glare, but you shrugged. You weren't used to him slipping into it so much. Especially since he was now cursing underneath his breath.
"Here's a crazy idea. Maybe it's not Spock's fault."
"It's that damned green-blooded hobgoblin's fault. And he can hear me, I know."
McCoy said the last line silently after his outburst of energetic curses. From the command chair Spock did glance at McCoy. McCoy always seemed to be forgetting about a Vulcan's enhanced hearing.
"Everybody stop whining, who's got an idea how to stop this?"
"I do. But it involves killing a doctor."
You gave an innocent smile, McCoy glowered, and Spock raised an eyebrow.
"Let me rephrase that. Who has an idea on how to get out of this gravitational orbit enough to land?"
You and Spock both made indications you had ideas. Kirk motioned at Spock.
"I don't want to hear it. Just implement it and tell me when to hold on."
"Yes, sir."
Spock pressed some keys and Kirk held on tightly to the bar, being a few feet from you and McCoy.
"Well, don't let me interrupt your moment."
"Jim, I would never date this-"
"If you insult me, Leonard, I will hypo you. With the Andorian flu which you keep threatening us with."
McCoy swore he saw Spock show some amusement at your comment but in a blink it was gone. If he remembered correctly, Spock had a 'don't enter sickbay or I'll give you the Andorian flu' threat on his head. Kirk gave bit back his grin because he to had went through that threat also.
The tense and somewhat amused mood was destroyed when Spock spoke up.
"Captain, now would be optimal time for you to be reminded of your previous request."
"What does that green-blooded-?"
You cut off McCoy with a silent look. Your hands slipped to his and tightened them. He got the message and you linked your arms around the bar, bracing yourself.
The descent made everyone lose any control of gravity for a brief while. Kirk ended up upside down for a brief while, trying to spin himself around so when the shuttle did land, he wouldn't be on his head.
It hit the ground with a jolt and slid some. You closed your eyes as it happened, opening them to find Kirk on the ground, looking somewhat stunned. Spock rose up without letting his body adjust which made just the slightest quiver appear in his actions which no one but very few in the galaxy would notice. Sadly for him, three of those very few were in the shuttle with him.
You lightly pushed McCoy back and slowly took your steps. You quickly re-adjusted to having gravity; this planet's gravity a little less strong then on Earth, but nowhere to such a degree that it would be problematic or even annoying.
Spock was fine, McCoy was leaning against the wall to gain a few breaths. Kirk was fine, simply seeing no reason for getting up. You could tell all of that without even looking at them.
"Alright, captain, stop being lazy. I know when you fake this."
Kirk gave a small groan but got to his feet and fixed his uniform's shirt, acting professional as he cleared his throat.
"Then let's see how far off we landed from this rumoured city."
Kirk went to the door and opened it. You were somewhat amazed by what you saw. Large leaf-like botany were over shallow pools of water. The ground was a mossy yellow net over even more orange and red bottom. The water was red tinted and Kirk took a careful step down. He instantly sunk up to his ankle in the moss.
"Watch your step,"
"And your minds. Feel that, Mr. Spock?"
The half-Vulcan seemed a little confused at what you were implying until he stepped out. He then understood. The feeling was dense around his mind, raw, untampered psionic energy. Spock's own telepathic abilities were on the weaker side, to the point he never tended to bring it up. But he could strongly feel this energy, an indicator to the vast amounts. Vulcans also had touch telepathy, much unlike you. You were extremely practiced in the field, able to play around with it regardless if the other was planets away.
You dropped onto the ground and looked around. McCoy was suddenly running a tricorder over the ground, air, and then you and Spock. You gave a light frown at being inspected, but it slipped into a smile as you realized what he was doing. He was worried. Or at least as much as he would ever physically show.
"Everything is safe but judging by how my tricorder is acting up, there is psionic energy. Spock's fine, but not so much for you."
McCoy turned to you and put the tricorder away, crossing his arms after. His eyes were firm, voice steady and in command. All said he was a doctor, and this was his order.
"Tell me the moment you feel off. This energy seems to be centralized somewhere. Last time there was any psionic energy, you collapsed."
"That wasn't because the energy. That was because of those telepathic aliens. I can handle psionic energy."
"Ya? Then why don't ya explain these readings to me, darlin'?"
He was slipping back into his drawl and you bowed your head in some form giving up your attitude.
"Yes, doctor."
The word tasted almost foreign to you, tittles hardly used between you two. You two were on a first name basis and you sometimes used the nickname 'Bones' for him. Regardless though, of what the man said and warned you about, you felt fine.
You very well could have tampered with every mind on the Enterprise usually. Just like Spock could touch somebody and invade their mind to. You two had a strong sense of privacy and law in these matters. Since not many humans had telepathy, Spock taught you Vulcan laws on the matter. He had, on some occasions up to now, reprimanded you for invading the privacy of others. Worse of all, his punishments were rather harsh. And yet, you two had a mutual respect for each other. Friends, if he would ever simply admit that he was half human and were capable of having those emotions.
Anyways, here on the planet, your skills increased. It was somewhat scary especially because the minds of both humans and half-Vulcan just revealed themselves to you. You read their minds before you could even realize what you did.
"What did I just do? Spock?"
You forgot any titles with his names, as it was between you two on the topic of telepathy. Judging by how you felt regret build up in him, he just underwent the same thing.
"The psionic energy increased our natural projection of telepathy."
"A- are you okay? You just committed Kae'at k'lasa."
Inside, your words practically choked Spock. He was hesitant on the inside, but still monotone on the outside, arms behind his back. His hands were always kept away from people because of his touch telepathy.
"It could not be stopped. Though extra refrain on our parts should be taken."
"We always do. Spock, I could know recite every thing you have ever regretted."
"As could I. Focus on your own mind, stop thinking of others. Telepathy is very subconscious."
"I know that! ... I won't mention it if you don't."
"A reasonable offer..."
Kirk glanced left from right then crossed his arms.
"Mention what?"
"I have read yours and McCoy's mind."
"You did what?! You damned-!"
"Well, Bones, I did it to. Couldn't help it... It's not like I'm browsing your memories!"
"Stay out of my head! Bad enough Spock did it to me!"
You winced at his anger and Kirk stepped in, arms towards you and McCoy in a signal to stop talking.
"Alright, everybody's sorry. It's just like you can't help insulting Spock, Bones-"
"So, as captain I say we get on with our mission. Which way are we heading?"
Kirk glanced at you and you pointed to the Southern hemisphere of the planet. As a telepath who could sense where people were all around a planet, you somehow became the beam down parties compass. And diplomat. And often helped McCoy with patients who had psychological problems. And a million other small problems. It always gave Kirk a headache when he had to fill out what you did for paperwork. He made Spock scour possible tittles because Starfleet command didn't like him making up tittles. 'Do-it all telepath' wasn't proper, 'telepath' was considered a racial slur to the extent of equally putting Spock's title as 'Vulcan'. Just simply a headache.
"Alright, then South we go. Please, both of you control yourselves."
Spock and you both gave an 'aye, sir', and walked behind McCoy and Kirk. You felt an experimental prod from Spock. He was searching your mind. You prodded back. Soon Spock was physically shoved aside a few inches from telekinesis.
"Yes! I now have telekinesis-"
"An interesting repercussion because of the nearby energy source. It would be useful to experiment with-"
"No! Spock!"
You went flying into the air, trying to desperately to stop yourself. Your boot skidded in the red water before you frowned. Wether that wasn't intended by the science officer or not, you were going to do it back.
"Alright! This is war!"
Somewhere deep in Spock's unconsciousness, he laughed. His expression didn't change at all, his katra was constant and steady as always. But somewhere in himself he was laughing.
McCoy and Kirk ignored the newly made telekinesis/telepaths. There was plenty of open space for you two to fight in. Besides, seeing Spock so active in something other than work made them both think no harm in it. Even if it was out of character.
"So what are we looking for, Jim?"
"I'm not sure. But that message came some type of species here. So I suppose we find them and gain some direct communication."
"Then why'd ya bring me?"
"Because I know you love beam down assignments."
The heavy stare McCoy gave Kirk was worth taking a picture of, just to show how the man could at a few times act decades older than everybody else. Or much younger than them. It was a coin flip.
"And she's right, you know. You keep slipping into your accent. But only when she's around. Do you hate her that much, or maybe you too distracted?"
"I dunno whatcha talkin' 'bout."
"Hmm, sure you don't." His voice then picked up a few notches; "Anyways, when will we find what we are heading for?"
You and Spock spoke in sync, somehow Spock's telepathy was focused around mind melding.
"An hour more at this pace."
"... Somewhat creepy... But alright then..."
Kirk shrugged as McCoy just walked at a bit faster rate. He was heavy in thought, scorning himself for falling so much into his accent. And he never really focused on what Kirk said. Did he have some sort of feelings for you?
It was no doubt that he did form a good tag team with you in sickbay. And Chapel had always said he seemed less grumpy when you were working with them. He subconsciously seemed to worry more about your physical being, taking plenty of spare hours to study telepathy for treatment. His goal was to make sure when you had a problem related to it, it wouldn't keep you and Spock locked away in his room for hours on end. The last time that happened, McCoy felt almost sick. Jealousy? Or just worry? Perhaps he had been missing you?
His thoughts were cut by you running ahead, making him stare at you, inspect you as if thinking about what he could find which would ever make him no longer have these 'feelings' for you. He found no faults. But so many reasons why he should have those 'feelings' for you.
You spun around and held your arms out, twirling. Spock walked up to you, his eyebrows raising momentarily before he looked somewhat dazed. A giggle- not a laugh but a purely childish sound- broke free from you.
McCoy held out the tricorder and found the psionic energy to be centralized here. Some brainwaves which were hardly made in usual humans were now jumping. The ones people believed to be associated with telepathy.
"Are you two done dancing? We have a job here."
"Hmm, one day I'll devote my life to recreating this energy-"
Suddenly you coughed, blood spewing between your fingers. You gasped, hands going around your neck and down to your chest as if you couldn't breathe. At the sight of blood McCoy was running towards you. He managed to help you get to the ground, sitting propped against Kirk so you wouldn't choke on your own blood.
"Something's inside of her."
You gave a weak shake of your head and went to weakly reach out to Spock. He caught your hand out of politeness, feeling your grip tighten. With the extra energy you managed to do a mind meld yourself. Spock pulled away the moment he felt what had invaded you try to filter into him.
"Don't touch her. It'll pass on. It's a katra."
Kirk pulled away and Spock had to pull the doctor away by force with Kirk's help.
"Isn't a katra a Vulcan belief? A soul?"
"Yes. But the philosophy has been proven to physically exist in many cultures and on many planets. Even the ancient Egyptians of Earth believed in the belief of a soul. The one inside of her is trying to fit into a shell. Her body."
You rolled around, clutching your head and curling up in a ball. Spock, still in a meld with you, could feel your desperate attempt to search your mind. To try to find it so you could rip it out. You found it, and tossed around with it. Mentally and physically. A broken sob broke through your lips and Spock knew what was happening. It was trying to meld with you.
The half-Vulcan quickly put his fingertips against your face though he didn't need to in the psionic energy's centre. He tried to take the katra away. It refused him, sent him sprawled out at Kirk's feet, almost knocking the captain away.
You puked up more blood, eyes now leaking tears and fingers clenching, a choked scream sounding in the air. Suddenly your body sagged, the psionic energy vanished, Spock's telepathy went back to its usual parameters, and the mind meld between you and him broke.
"Are ya feelin' okay?"
McCoy was the first to ask, his southern drawl now making him feel as if he was speaking too slow. All three men waited for an answer as they watched you sit. They watched you stumble as if someone was controlling you like a puppet. Trying to find out how your limbs worked. Then, you stood, your upper body sagged forward, and head pulled up and back as if on a string.
"Bring me home."
The voice was gruff, as if you had gained a bad throat infection. Your eyes were dulled, lifeless, and bits of blood flew off your lips as you spoke. You blinked a few times then stood up straight, hands gripping your head.
Now both Kirk and McCoy could feel psionic energy, what they could never feel, a myth lived by others. It focused around you and you, the true you, fell down. You calculated your fall just right, and just as Spock gave a small groan of pain from having his mind searched and what an English definition of 'rape' may indicate, you hit the ground. The force knocked you unconscious, closing your mind and trapping what was inside. Just as the entity of the sorts, the katra or soul or whatever it was, tried to search everybody else's minds.


"There is another entity or katra inside of her, doctor. If one is unconscious, it proves harder to meld with. She must have used as a defence to keep either the entity within instead of escape, or to lock her own mind and abilities away from it. The body is only linked physically to the mind. No katra can affect movements to the degree that being did though. It seems as though this entity did not know how bipedalism worked."
"Just tell me this, do I keep her in a coma, Jim?"
"Captain, the doctor does hold a logical option."
Kirk observed your coma-induced form as McCoy held up yet another hypo. You already had been injected with a series of five from the time you were beamed back. Spock already tried melding with you. But your immense abilities came with a defence. Without the extra psionic energy - a rare type since psionic energy could never be absorbed according to the computer's databases- nothing could break the barriers you had. For a few mind melds Spock had before placed on you to show you the Vulcan way of things were done with your consent. It was as if someone pulled a plug on a computer and he was requiring it to copy data. Impossible.
"There's something in her which seems to want transport somewhere. Maybe if we bring it there it'll leave her alone. We have to ask it. What's the odds it'll infect others, Mr. Spock?"
"I would consider it limited. Based on observations, it's only interested in people with telepathic abilities. I believe very few would be potential candidates on this ship."
Kirk thought for a moment before coming up with a plan.
"Bones, take her out of a comma. I'm going to talk with this being. Keep a hypo ready though. As a back-up. Spock, you make sure anybody with telepathic abilities stays away. This being seemed to have the psionic energy locked away in itself. Any precautions they need to take, make sure they do it."
"Aye, sir."
"That also means, Spock, you stay confined to your quarters and meditate. This being just went into the one being in this galaxy whose supposed to be the strongest telepath in the Federation. I must assume every other telepath on this ship has a weaker defence system."
"That is true, captain. I will implement your orders."
Spock went away and McCoy filled a hypo up. He worriedly gazed over you then the numbers over your head. He pressed some buttons and you stirred slightly. Your eyes flickered open and a confused murmur left your lips.
"Bones? Jim? Where's Spock? Bones, it hurts- agh!"
You confusion suddenly became much clearer, your voice loud enough to make Chapel give a small startled jump across the room. The colour of your eyes seemed to fade as your body shuddered deeply.
"Take me home."
Kirk watched you sit up with some disgust at the idea somebody controlled you so freely. Without any morality that the Federation had, that humans had. McCoy had equal hatred towards the idea.
"I am Captain James T. Ki-"
"Take me home."
"We won't-"
"Take me home!"
Suddenly the room seemed to quiver slightly and through the ship, a few people fell down. One was more notable, a half-Vulcan who was helping a weaker, somewhat telepathic to their quarters.
This exchange went on for some while before Kirk decided he'd have to cave in first or nothing would happen.
"Where is your home?"
"My home is dying! Take me to it!"
"Where is it?"
Kirk fought to keep calm, knowing any physical actions would be against your body. If you woke up with a broken nose you'd surely be rather upset at him.
"It's dying! Because of you! Take me home! Take me to home!"
"I'm trying to help you. Where is your home?"
"I was on it! You took me from it! Bring it back!"
"I didn't touch your home!"
Kirk barked back and McCoy made sure the hypo was ready one last time. The being then slowly moved forward, a sluggish crawl towards Kirk being done. Kirk stood strong and the being raised itself as if ghost-possessed.
"My home... Buried... Heat... Death... Ash... Gone... Killed me.... Bring it back... Send me to it..."
Kirk took a moment to think but McCoy somehow put the pieces together first.
"Your home burnt to ash."
The being hissed and turned to McCoy. He couldn't face your eyes anymore, the ones usually so insightful now dull. It wasn't you in anyway anymore but shape. Nothing was you. And it made him feel sick.
"I'll have to kill you."
"Yesss!... Make me join them!... You're a healer... Heal my wounds... Heal them... Kill me..."
"How do I do that? How do I make you leave this body once and for all?"
The being slithered against the back wall and looked truthfully at the doctor. If you often looked like hundreds or years of knowledge rested behind your gaze at times, this being must have lived for millions of years.
"Don't... Somebody must take me..."
"I won't kill her for you!"
"Somebody, healer.... Anybody.... Who can share... Minds... Must lead me.... Through the afterlife... And back.... In another time... Other place..."
"Reincarnation. Who are you?"
"I am... A survivor... Who must return to home... I cannot... Wander no more... Thousands of your year cycles.... Many... Many bodies... None lead me... This time... I will not fail... A body takes my mind... A body must."
"Damn it, man. Ya tellin' me ya can pass body to body, but ya need one for death?! I'll kill ya as is."
"Cannot... Linked... Must be linked... To a body... I will let you... Communicate... Yes, communicate..."
Your body shook and your eyes opened to be in some way, exactly the ones McCoy wanted to see. He gave a sigh of relief but was still tense. Kirk stepped forward, feeling rather left out for the last few exchanges.
"What did the being want?"
"Well, captain... His home was destroyed by another race. Aliens. It was an apocalypse. They weren't advanced enough for warp drive. The equivalent to Earth's early 21st century. They were dying so scientist tried to find a way to keep their race alive. They took a doll, and placed a mind inside of it. A soul, an entity. To preserve their own life. They took the mind of a child, everybody else was severely crazed by the countdown to the end of their world. This child was telepathically and mentally advanced... Captain, he's been alone for over two thousand years. He just wants to escape. And have a chance to be with the people he wishes for. Their beliefs state that bodies are carriers which are recycled. He doesn't think he'll do any damage to me. Because he expects my mind to go somewhere else. Until my body comes back.
"He read my mind. He saw the Vulcan's beliefs on katra from what Spock told me. He saw reincarnation from all the religions of Earth I studied. To him, captain, he believes these are what I believe in. They believed in religion. Especially since they had nothing else to believe in... Captain... Jim.... Bones... I wish for my death."
"No damned way! I ain't offin' ya for some psycho in ya head!"
You slowly stood up, shakily getting to your feet. You leaned heavily against a wall for a few moments, trying to focus. You then glanced around.
"Jim, Bones... I have witnessed thousand of others in my mind. Even as a child, I was hardly someone of my own. I do not have a Katra or soul. I don't even have my own mind. I am a collection of various beliefs, various other minds, thoughts, messages. I cannot help but sense them, and they slowly erase my own. I'm not human anymore-"
McCoy's temper now flared over the top. He pushed his hands to your shoulders and slammed you into the wall. His voice was gruff and filled with all the authority and anger he could muster.
"Don't ya say that! That's a lie, darlin', and ya know it. Nuthin' ya do is anybody but yerself. I didn't fall in love with a million people. I fell in love with ya. Ya tell me to my face if ya don't wanna believe in yerself. 'Cause I do."
You weren't sure if McCoy's words met with your mind. Because some part of you feel even worse under the doctor's spell. Those blue eyes, rough and steady hands, southern drawl which charmed you just by hearing it. Why now? Why did he have to wait until now?
You placed your hands one his chin, thumbs tracing over his lower lip. They were dry, he looked edgy from a lack of sleep. His eyes were slightly underlined, creases seemingly becoming more vivid around his eyes. And yet, you wished to have him to yourself and no other man- or women- in this entire galaxy or in the entirety of space could replace what he made you feel.
"Spock keeps telling me something. So do you and Jim. That the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
Your lips softly touched against his and his breath hitched, knowing what was coming. That blasted line he and Spock and Kirk used on each other. The one they tended to break quite a bit. It was so bitter after the sweetness of your kiss, you soft, damp lips against his unmoving ones. How could he kiss back while knowing he would have to let you go?
He found himself murmuring the line, gulping a mouthful of air in the process.
"Or the one."
You gave a small nod, your eyes showing sorrow. Your fingers traced over his cheeks, you staid out of his mind though, only feeling the skin and each contour.
"But... This is me and ya. Versus one being."
"And the dozens he's already harmed. Can't you sense it-? No, you can't. But I know at least Spock a handful of others and unconscious on this ship because of this being. A whole civilization rested with this man. He's killed so many before me. Full ships because they didn't do what he wanted. I'm putting all of you at risk."
"No! Ya ain't usin' that line on me, darlin'. It don't even fit the situation! Jim, tell her!"
Kirk gave a determined nod.
"What's my first order to anybody who takes conn?"
"Don't blow up the ship?"
"No. That the first priority is the crew. Nobody is sacrificing themselves for entities on my ship. Or else we'd all be dead by now. You are my crew member. And a friend. And an amazing officer. So I promise you, I will got to hell and across the great barrier or wherever I must to drop this being off. But I'm not letting you die for it. Risk is part of the job."
You tried to argue that point with some logic, somewhat missing the intricate connection Spock always had with you in the back of your mind. Like a shadow of comfort you would always have. One mind to keep your grounded as trillions upon zillions of minds moved around the galaxy, lightyears away, and telepathic or not, they all had their 'voices'.
"Spock won't be able to wake up until this being is gone. I don't know if the psionic energy will stay in me after that or not. If it does, I can't be here anymore. So many species would also be injured by me."
"One thing at a time. First, find this being's weakness. And that's a direct order to the both of you. I'll be on the bridge, getting more information about this being."
Kirk walked out of the door before raising his hand as he made one last remark.
"And Bones, have someone do something about my unconscious science officer. I almost tripped over him."
Even in the moment, McCoy managed to roll his eyes. He then caressed your hair with his rough hand, murmuring something to you in his bedside manner.
"You'll be alright."
Nothing in his mind said he was lying, as a doctor his mind must have moved slightly along that scale. He said it to everybody, but he was so sincere as he spoke it to you.
You hoped he was right as you felt his lips press against the top of your head. He breathed in your scent, foreign from the below's planet botany, soap and faintly like Earth's spices. It was very faint, as you worked in sickbay at times, you couldn't wear perfumes. McCoy knew they came from candles. Just like Spock, you had a rather interesting way to decorate your cabin. But McCoy did have some respect for your likeness to Earth artifacts.
One of the many reasons he wouldn't let you do anything rash.
"What if we can't get rid of it? Then he'll destroy us all."
"We've dealt with worse."
"Never involved telepathy though."
McCoy murmured a soft 'shush' to you as he cradled you closer in your arms. That was true but he had no doubts Kirk would fix the situation. And if Kirk didn't, McCoy was sure his life would be ruined.
"Doctor, should I start scanning the databases? Or would you like me to run more tests on our patient?"
McCoy slowly looked at Chapel and knew his nurse was correct in what she was implying. If he didn't work, you couldn't be saved. He backed away and made a motion at the bed.
"Sit and see what you can come up with. Chapel, run more tests on her. Don't hurt her though. If it provokes the being, stop or put her in a coma if you need to continue. I have to cross-refer- ... I have a vulcan to move."
"Damn it, Spock! Why did you have to fall so far away from your quarters?"
McCoy merely glared at anybody giving him strange looks, especially since he was dragging the unconscious science officer away from sickbay. If anybody asked, they'd shut up once he'd show the hypo he had in the kit on his belt.


"Calm, calm, whatever Vulcans say right now... I'm calm... I'm not calm.... Alright, you play with my memories one more time, I will freeze my body so you're trapped for another century!"
McCoy glanced at you, he had never seen you so stress. Or actually you in any need to meditate properly. You were rather adapt and didn't exactly need to control your emotions ever. You could be as calm as Spock at times or as brash as the captain. A nice mix of everything needed on the starship. McCoy knew for a fact you tried to calm down and somewhat 'meditate' whenever you had 'telepathic sorting' to do. Either that or saying 'I have to make a barrier to protect my memories from Spock' was just an excuse to make sure people left you alone.
Either way, McCoy could still hear you as he wasn't in his personal office. Chapel was currently using it since the computer there was faster. McCoy was slightly slower at typing. Even more so when he kept looking at you for ever ten seconds.
"Want a sedative-"
"No. And stop talking. I'm somewhat in a different dimension here, McCoy."
McCoy knew that the use of his last name meant for him to be quiet. And he did. He went back to working rather hard then glancing at you, your charts and test results, search a possible answer, check medical records and known cures. Do it again. Then again.
You laid back ok the bed and closed your eyes, going into a light nap, or what Vulcans could call a trance. You could feel that being in your body, causing so much discomfort. It wasn't a katra, it was more of a possession with a soul out of shape with your body. Limbs protruding you in the wrong places, your mind being constantly searched and prodded by another being. So uncomfortable, it made your own body and mind feel foreign.
'I will help you. Let my people try to send you to your afterlife without a body. A body is not needed. And I cannot survive. I do not have a katra like Vulcans. I am human. Nor do I believe in religion or any gods.'
'Why not?'
'My planet has dozens of religions if not hundreds. So many more exist across the universe. I cannot believe in any or else my own telepathy would be psychologically limited. Besides, we have encountered many 'Gods' and none are truly 'Gods'. Mayan myths and Greek gods and goddesses and Chinese serpents alike. None were the gods foretold. Earth's alien visits merged with other stories to create religion. My culture has respect and understanding about religion. But we also are not shunned for choosing not to follow any.'
'That's stupid. The afterlife exists. And you will bring me there.'
This was why you were a diplomat. You are probably the only being who wouldn't be swearing or wishing the being was a physical entity so you could beat him up.
'What if you're religion is wrong? Or even if it is correct, you'd be sentenced to punishment according to your religion for killing all those others. "A body not pure to the mind will be rejected for an eternity" as your religious texts state. What if you simply cannot return? Would you be willing to go to another planet?'
'No. And I shall go to my afterlife! Call your captain. I wish to speak to him.'
You tried not to think so you wouldn't give this being many ideas. You simply spoke up to McCoy.
"Bones, the being wants to talk to Kirk. Call him down, please."
The being seemed to be shielding itself from you as if hiding something until the captain walked through the door. He went straight up to you and you nudged the being.
'He's here. The captain is here to speak to you like you asked.'
The being made a crude motion with your hand for him to match the height of you sitting. Kirk looked like wouldn't until he saw traces of pain from the being moving your body. He crouched and still tried to look dignified.
You reached out and before Kirk could recoil, your lips hit his. Hard. You didn't feel anything but regret and Kirk ripped away. He wiped his mouth off as if disgusted before standing up.
"I know my own officers. And I know that is a trick by you to further approach your death. It will not work."
The being inside of you had the emotions linked to a frown. You winced severely before feeling a hand on yours.
"I didn't mean to!"
"I know, darling. I know."
And perhaps that was the first time he gave you your pet name without the southern accent. He knew just how nervous you were becoming over the issue and softly kissed your temple.
"There was no harm done."
He mumbled over your skin and you slowly appeared to calm down. You felt the being take control of your hand and you leaned back on your other slightly. You smoothly and quickly kicked McCoy away, making the doctor groan as he hit the ground. He skidded ever so slightly at your force, that kick being a mixed move from so many different cultures. Starfleet issued but nevertheless bad news for the non-fighting CMO.
"Damnit! Why'd-?"
You yelped out for him and the doctor quickly got to his feet. He saw a hypo in your hand and it quickly hit your neck. The being put it against your flesh the wring way and McCoy quickly reached for it. The being seemed to use every ounce of your energy. Energy which your own body could never use on strength because of basic survival.
McCoy managed to bark over security and two men in blue uniforms managed to pin you down. McCoy looked down at the hypo. He was going to have it destroyed, in honesty. But never got around to it because of the turn of events. It was rather deathly, especially to humans. He didn't want you destroyed or the rest of the ship.
He made the men confine you to quarantine, and for them to stand guard so the being wouldn't make you bash your head enough times to simply die. The being had taken full possession of you now and McCoy returned back to his job.
You or the ship. You or the ship. He wanted neither. He'd make sure it was neither. You or the ship. But wouldn't both result in your death?
McCoy's fingers paused over the keyboard before him, digesting the information. He then began to pull up files on any past ship around the universe which was federation. They were all destroyed. No survivors. He even checked pre-federation time files and any for other cultures he could get access to.
Cairns, Vulcan, and many other telepathic races had passed what was supposed to be an empty universe. Most had land down parties to investigate or in some cases find life, destroy it, make a colony, etc. All ships had been destroyed.
If the ships were destroyed, everyone was dead. The being had a whole ship to posses, and some must have been possessed to destroy the ship. They died. The being didn't. Sabotage. Murder. No suicide. Not that there was ever morality to this being.
"Bridge to sickbay."
"Found something."
"Replacing Spock already?"
Some humour chided Kirk's response as he looked at the unconscious science officer on the ground. Sickbay was more or less a centre point psionic energy, and being unable to open Spock's quarters without voice authorization- since he was a first officer- a nurse had no idea where to put him. So they put him in a nearby corner.
Surprisingly enough, it was Sulu who made sure nobody touched the half-Vulcan. To the same degree of an older brother protecting the younger. Chekov seemed slightly jealous from that though.
"Whatever. So, here is it. Every ship the being went on- even if everybody inside was telepathic- was destroyed. If the people died, why didn't the being? I don't think we can kill it if a whole Romulan destruction sequence didn't. And Romulan's don't destroy themselves on a day to day basis either. It'd more powerful than ours."
"Any solutions, Sp- Bones?"
Kirk gave a sheepish laugh but anybody on the bridge could see how serious he was. His eyes were stone cold at the moment.
"No. That's your field."
"Fair enough. How long until the ships destroyed themselves?"
"Two days. And Jim, I couldn't find any proof to that... THING's backstory. He was lying. And I'm getting really ticked off at the moment by him."
"We are all. Bridge out."
The communication went dead and McCoy crossed his arms to look at you. He then moved toward the being and you, standing in a authoritative pose outside the force field which acted like the door to the cage.
The being hissed and tried to move forward. Burns went out your skin from the force field and constant pressure on it, which was hardly ever done because of pain it caused in the first few moments. Humans - and even Vulcans- had a survival method as old as time. If it hurts, it burns, whatever, then don't touch it.
McCoy sneered.
"You're not even fully evolved. So listen to me. I'm going to find a way to get you. And I will destroy ever atomic particle of your being. I will tear you telepathy to shreds, photon of psionic energy at a time if I must. I will torture you for even thinking of touching my girl. Is that understood?"
McCoy's words were free of accent, cold, dark, and even the being could sense raw truth in them. The two guards also looked mildly fearful of what the CMO had just done. McCoy hardly ever made threats. And so far, he had never broken any in his life.


"Damn pointy-eared hobgoblin-!"
"Doctor, I have always failed to see the link between I and the mythological creature."
McCoy didn't say anything and Sulu looked pleased McCoy hadn't been slapping Spock for personal amusement, where was medical truth behind it. Though, as far as the helmsman knew, slapping anybody would wake them up.
Spock was slightly dazed still and spent a moment collecting HIS thoughts. He eventually made the best puzzle he could so far and got to his feet.  
"I believe I have a solution. I had plenty time to think of it, Doctor, Captain."
"You could think in that state?"
"No. It was from before that."
"You came up with a plan in the four steps it took you to walk out of sickbay?"
"Of course."
McCoy rolled his eyes but didn't make any comment. It didn't matter who saved you at this point as long as someone did it.
"I believe this katra-"
"It's not a katra... Damned egocentric Vulcan..."
"I believe this entity then, is linked to the psionic energy. I also have reason to believe the planet is a natural collector of this energy, thus why the entity could never escape. If we could put the energy back on the planet, I believe the entity would follow it. Or else that much condensed energy will destroy this ship. I theorize we have 1.12 hours to do so."
McCoy leaned back on his heel briefly and Kirk gave him a small shrug.
"How do you expect to do that?"
"Telepathically. I will act as a mediator in some ways to both the energy and also the being."
"As long as you're sure, Spock."
"I'm certain, captain, that this is the theory most likely to succeed. But such acts has never been done before. And I am not as strong in telepathy as any of the other two."
"Well, our own telepath, Mr. Spock, is rather amazing."
McCoy mumbled a breathless agreement to Kirk's remark about you as the trio went to sickbay. Spock calculated the best place to be, and that was in the cargo bay to look out towards the planet behind a forcefield. The being inside of you made you trash around upon seeing the planet. You desperately argued and tried to fight. That desperation was a human emotion. McCoy knew it was the being, but couldn't see the difference between you and it anymore.
He swayed as far away as he dared, still a short few steps from Spock and you to assist you. Kirk was making sure the two security guards were holding you tight.
Spock looked back for visible confrontation of the red and yellow hued planet below him, made the picture stain his mind, and placed his hands on your face. His fingers found the appropriate nerves and blood paths, and he locked his own mind tightly away. He then tried to project the picture into your mind.
He could sense you in there, but you were too far to reach. Especially with the being standing between both you and him. Colours, emotions, senses, they all clashed in his mind, your body. He fought relentlessly, harshly. The being was strong, and Spock shifted. He pressed the palms of his hands on your head for more skin contact. He was still losing the battle.
Your body stopped moving and it was his first sign of winning. But the being was now just keeping your mind locked away.
McCoy saw tension rise in Spock's body, saw the way yours started shuddering. As minutes progressed Spock's hands were now messily touching your face, shoulders, whatever he said now was in Vulcan. He dropped into a cold sweat, fingers quivering. Kirk wanted to pull him away. He never saw Spock in such a state.
McCoy felt like he ought to do the same. But it wasn't just blind ignorance for Spock's health over your life which made him not to do it. It was reminding himself that Spock's telepathic abilities was like a muscle the half-Vulcan didn't use much. Any Vulcan would have been on their knees by now. And the way Spock shifted one foot backwards, he didn't look far from that.
A hurt whimper left your throat and your hands moved quickly and effectively to capture Spock's head. The extra touching surface area helped. The half-Vulcan pulled you flush against him, feeling a jump at how much he could sink his own abilities into you.
The being was slowly pulled free, the extra contact from that messy hug being the final tug needed. It wasn't Spock which made it go to the planet. It was you.
You balled up the energy, projected it onto the planet which the image for was so clear on Spock's mind. You could feel it all slip away, with the being, until you felt hollow.
You fainted away, and Spock tried to catch you. But he quickly to hit the ground.


"How are you doing?"
"I am fit for duty, captain."
"He's lying."
"Damn right he's lying. Look at him, Jim. He's worse than two year old catching the flu."
Spock tried to raise himself up but his body sagged, unable to comply no matter the willpower. He hugged the odd crystal in his arms like a teddy bear, curling up around it. Small bits of psionic energy were inside of it and McCoy finally found a use for the 'healing crystal' somebody gave him as a gag gift a few years ago.
You had a bigger chunk of the crystal and laid in a circle of chipped away pieces from it. You were crossed leg, your body having a 'back-up' supply of the energy needed. But you still looked like you just neglected sleep for the last month by the way you looked.
You felt something going around your neck and looked down. A crystal was tied by a silver chain, a necklace.
"Scotty gave me a hand. Can't work with any metal to save my life."
"It's beautiful."
You leaned back to look at McCoy, a few day's sleeplessness in his eyes also. He moved forward and lightly pressed his lips to yours in the odd angle. You slipped your head back to its normal position and spun around.
The doctor carefully avoided breaking the circle as he went down on his own knees. His rough fingertips ran across your face and tangled themselves tightly in their hair. His lips touched yours soundly and you now had a chance to kiss back with him doing the same. So many emotion coursed through you and with pure delight you realized they were all yours.
The kiss was long, slow, longing, exploring. Spock turned away as Kirk awkwardly stretched and made a show of looking at the nearby time on a monitor.
"Well, I have to go back to bridge... And don't expect that from me, Spock."
The science officer could barely manage a weak nod, but used all his strength for the rest.
"Aye,... sir..."
The half-Vulcan then lapsed in another sleep. He looked calm, at peace, and finally without a single thought on his mind.
You meanwhile managed to pull away from McCoy's insistent mouth. You held his chin in your hands, ready to go back in a moment's time.
"I love you, Leonard."
"I love ya to, Darlin'."
You couldn't smile as his lips went on yours even as he was still speaking the final syllable. You kissed him back, not needing any telepathic abilities to tell you he was sincere. You really did love the man.
But this was the second time you practically gave Chapel a heart attack by seeing you and the doctor.
'Bones' McCoy x reader (telepathy)

Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Pairing: McCoy x reader, could be some Spock x reader depending on how you look at it.
Warnings: no major ones. Kissing. Some non-cannon telepathy here.


This story is kinda long, I know. I may dona sequal upon request. This story does have a full mission.
I'm too lazy to re-read and find my spelling and grammer mistakes.

Words: a few short from eight thousand. My longest star trek story up to now which I've managed to actually complete. Yeah!
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