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August 4, 2013
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Violet Wolf. The house meant for the arts. You felt conflicted at the almost haunted look the main dorms had, before shaking your head to let it go. 'It would be future inspiration.' You had been telling yourself that for ages. Today would be the day you put justice to your words.

You sat down on the grass, and flipped open your sketch book. You flipped through it, trying to find at least one clean page. You finally found the last one and pulled out a pencil and eraser. All your other pencils of varying shades were in your dorm room.

Classes were done for the day so many people went around you in their way back to the dorms. Your fingers became black from graphite, and the picture before you slowly took on life. Soon the buildings and varying background was complete. The building seemed to be lacking spirit though. This was the violet wolf house. If anybody should be able to bring spirit to their house, it should be these students.

You drew in a few people who you saw, but none seemed to make the picture any better. You wet your lips, looking around you. Suddenly your eyes dawned on Gregory Violet. He was the prefect to your house, and was now so close to you. To your surprise he didn't scold you for sitting on the grass.

He had a his own sketch book on his lap, about ten pencils laying carelessly on the grass. He'd pick one up and change it every few seconds. He worked with skill and precision. He was by far the most talented in the arts in entire school. He was the symbol and representative to your house. You had to draw him in.

Once his main shape was down, you drew his underlined eyes, his multi-shaded hair. You cast deep shadows over his upper face, drawing each crease and wrinkle in the material of the hood over his face. You signed the bottom of the picture a good three hours later, rubbing your fingers on the hem of your uniform to get them clean.

You stood up and glanced back at the prefect nearby. You tore the paper out of its place and then rolled it up. You tied it with the purple ribbon you wore around your wrists as a nod to your house's colour. You then slowly walked over to the prefect.

Violet looked the tinniest bit annoyed by the fact a shadow blocked his way and he looked up. You quickly placed the rolled up picture down then turned away. You tried not to run as you could feel his gaze bore into your soul and body. You shivered before slinking into the dorms and into your room. You laid on the bed, and on second thought, glanced out the window.

You could see Violet slipping the now unrolled picture in his sketch book for safe keeping. He then stood up, his uniform rustling as he did so. Had he finished drawing already? It was a good thing you finished when you did then.

With a small smile directed at your prefect's talent, you decided to get ready for bed.

You woke up to the usual dark shadows cast in the room. The first thing you noticed was a beautiful purple rose. You slowly sat up and then picked it up. You twirled it in between two fingers, taking in the sweet fragrance.

You were about to leave the bed when you saw a single sheet of canvas rolled up with a purple ribbon around it. You undid the perfect bow and unrolled the canvas. On it was a truly beautiful portrait of you, from the day you had been on the grass. It was signed 'G.V.'. So that was why Violet left so soon after you did. You had been his model. You smiled at the thought. It was a great honour.

As the day progressed, Violet didn't say anything about you wearing the rose which was not in the dress code. You'd smile softly when you passed by him though, a blush on your cheeks. Violet would bow his head so his hood covered most of his face. But through the shadows you'd see the ends of his mouth curving upwards. And it you took the hood off, you would see that his eyes shone brightly, full on a new energy.

Sometimes admiration worked both ways. And sometimes, people could simply say the students at Violet Wolf were full of mystery and surprise.
Prefect from Kuroshitsuji (black butler) x reader
I have a fic for each prefect, but sadly yet to have figured out how to link it all here
I originally had them on as a story called 'prefect perfection'
Male or female reader, doesn't matter
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This is wonderful! I love it!
BloodoftheTitan1 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question. if the school is an all boys school in the manga, then does that mean that the reader is a boy? or is the reader a girl with an insane amount of luck? Just Wondering. Wink/Razz 
Fate4Destiny Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Student Writer
This is called artistic license :)
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