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September 28, 2013
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Prompt: Cheating
"Just leave me be, Legolas."
The elf hardly stepped into the room before you scorned him. Honestly, you were the only of non-elvish blood who knew exactly where he was at all times. He called it amazing hearing, you called it instinct. Elves, after all, hardly made any noise.
"I was worried about you."
"Why should you be? You obviously didn't take my feelings into account when you held her like that."
You turned around and Legolas bowed his head slightly. His usual strong posture faltered slightly, how could it not? You were practically his soul mate, and he wished he could change the past. Just to erase that pained look in your eyes. A look he couldn't force himself to see.
"I'm harboured no feelings of-"
"It doesn't matter! Did you see the way she looked at you? She likes you. Almost everybody here likes you. How are you so oblivious-?!"
"I'm not. I know they like me. But I don't have any feelings for them. I love YOU."
Legolas raised his head and quickly strode towards you. He grabbed your head in his hands and pressed his lips softly against yours. Before you could say something he kissed you again, soundly and more firmly.
"You're the only one I shall ever love."

Prompt: Titles
"There's my beautiful Elven prince."
You smiled at Legolas who walked into the bedroom. He immediately put an arm around you, his silver-white clothes matching the band of silver over his head. It was simple, but that made it all the more elegant.
"You don't want to wear it? Is it because of your ancestry?"
Legolas picked up the silver band for you, the strands coming down in larger loops, holding some gemstones. He continued to look at you for your answer. You were human, but he wanted you to be his. To be his though, required a few efforts. To be his princess, required wearing the elvish crown.
"It's not that."
"Perhaps we could find a more human-styled-"
"No. I don't care what I have to wear to be yours."
"You are already mine, I will not give you up over a simple matter of pride."
You said nothing, your fingers sliding over the collar of his outfit. The material was smooth and silk-like beneath your fingers. There that word was, pride. You had to be a princess, be more Elven, live in his realm. You had to give up all you had if humanity. You already decided to be with him and to give up your human life. But you still missed it.
You felt it go around your forehead, Legolas smiling when he saw your beauty in it. Upon seeing your eyes though the smile vanished. All his wisdom still didn't give him a solution. But it gave him a pretty good idea.
"If you miss it, you can return to it. You don't have to-"
You cut him off by wrapping your arms around him. You pressed your lips against his smooth cheek, hearing strands of metal from your headdress hit against the other. It sounded melodic, just like Legolas's steady breathing. He didn't understand your emotions at times, maybe because you were human, maybe because of the fact you were centuries younger than him.
"My love, do what you want. Go where you please. I don't care where or for how long. As long as you decide to bring with me with you."
You looked up at Legolas and hid a broken smile.
"My thoughts exactly. So, let's just go."
Legolas's smile returned as he took your hand. He kept you close as he and you walked out of the room and towards the other Elves. His people, and now in some way, yours.

Prompt: Plant
"No, don't! Agh, please, please don't die."
Legolas began going towards to you, steps quickening from concern. He didn't have his bow on him and instead drew his dagger. As he rounded the last tree he was ready for a fight with an orc. Instead though, he saw you kneeling on the ground.
"Are you alright? Injured?"
He crouched down towards you, worry pulling at his heart. Instead of blood he simply saw you motion towards a small sapling. Its leaves were wilted.
"You gave me a heart attack..."
Legolas sheathed the blade then put an arm around your waist. He kissed the top of your head as you began to explain.
"All Elves are amazing with plants. I decided to try. And I killed it!"
Legolas scraped some bark away with his fingernail, showing green beneath it.
"It's still alive, see? The leaves are dead because of a lack of rain."
"Oh... Really?"
"... Yes."
"Then why are the other saplings healthier then mine?"
Legolas said nothing, pressing another soft kiss to your temple to hide his smile. You were so distraught over a trivial matter.
"It's in the nature of all living things to one day come to an end."
You gave a slow nod before looking at Legolas.
"Why don't you just tell me the truth? I can't even start a garden."
"Because to me, you are perfect."
He always knew just what to say.

Prompt: Leaving
It was a ring which would take him away from you. A ring of evil and corrupt power which had to be destroyed from where it was made. Why did that have to be so far away?
It was the reason Legolas had one finger slowly tracing over your face, as if memorizing each contour though it was already written inside his mind. His breath cascaded on your lips but he didn't kiss you. He could tell each breath of yours was forced. He would miss you just as much as you would miss him. But he knew you would be safe in his realm. You would spend each second wishing for his return, hoping he wasn't dead already.
He promised you that he would think of you each day, that he loved you and he would try his best to return. He didn't say he would come back. The odds were against him, you'd know it was a lie.
Instead of spending one last time with you to form a happy memory, it was doused it sadness and sorrow. Goodbyes had to be given though both you and he could find no words to say it in.
There was a knock on a door beckoning him and he gave a sigh. He then pressed his lips softly to yours, a tear going down your cheek. He wiped it away with his thumb before pulling something out of his pocket. He took your hand and you felt something slip on a finger.
He didn't say anything as he let go of your hands. He picked up his quiver and bow as another knock sounded. He cast you one last look before opening the door. He took in that bittersweet smile you wore as you looked down at the wedding ring he just placed on your hand. He tried not to cry himself as he closed the door behind you. He had to destroy this ring. So perhaps one day you could place one on his own hand.

Prompt: Liquid
The red liquid in the wine glass hardly rippled as Legolas lifted it and gave it an experimental taste. It was bitter and sweet all at once on his tongue. He cast a sideways glance at you who seemed to appreciate the drink a good deal better then him.
He took a second sip before placing it down. He wasn't thirsty nor in the mood for inhibition, having to leave with some others for an overnight matter which he would need to bring weaponry and what not with him for. It wasn't exactly unusual, but still brought you some worry.
He was sitting surrounded by some others, and he intertwined his hand with yours. It was clear to see many of the humans among the group were already partially drunk. He was the only elf and though his tolerance would be higher than theirs, he didn't want to risk it.
There were plenty of men who were already giving you suggestive hints of not-so hidden intentions. It made Legolas wrap his arm around you now, practically pulling you into his lap. He wanted his bow in hand, even his dagger would suffice. He wanted to tell those mortals he was the Prince of the Woodland Realm and you were his. And his alone. He'd fight for you. Though perhaps not against drunk and defenceless humans.
One made a reach for you and without hesitation Legolas rose. One foot was on the chair as he leaned forward in a ready position to attack. You were behind him and he glanced at the man as if that man was an orc.
"It would be in the best interest to your current health if you would refrain yourself from touching her."
"And why's that, pretty boy?"
"Because she is mine."
The man lunged forward, clearly having much more visible strength then Legolas. He cleanly dodged the attack and the highly intoxicated and burly man crashed into a wall. It didn't take long for Legolas to have him on the ground.
The Elven prince then rose up and saw the bottle near you almost empty. He picked you up and you curled up into his chest without a word.
"Yah, elf-boy. That's how you pick up a girl!"
Legolas had quite a few comments to say about that scream of 'encouragement'. He decided against it though, mentally calling everybody there a foolish child. Centuries of experience and that's the best that came to his mind.
And perhaps you were the most foolish and youngest child of them all, even though no human would still call you a child. But he would always protect you, because in love, both Elves and humans were rather- and equally- foolish.

Legolas x reader (five moments)by Fate4Destiny

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / General / Short Stories©2013-2014 Fate4Destiny
Fandom: Lord of the Rings (my first fic for it)
Pairing: Legolas x reader
Disclaimer: I do not own the photo. I found it on google images.
Style: so, five moments/scenes between you and Legolas. All reader insert. Enjoy. Because this character needed more love.
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