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September 29, 2013
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Being confined in sickbay wasn't new. Many people ended up with diseases and McCoy didn't want the entire crew infected while he searched for a cure. Other times, for the case of Spock and some other aliens, it was because the merest contact would kill him.
The first day was by far rather good. Sulu kept you company. Spock or Kirk would check on you every hour. Chekov would spend his free time reading or what not near you. Uhura came to give you updates.
As time moved on though, they spent less time with you. That was foreseen. They had a ship to run. You were rather healthy. Completely healthy, in fact. You were just a carrier. After a week and some odd days, Spock still checked on you once a day at least. The Vulcan usually spent good amounts of time near you. You preferred him to some degree. He didn't look at you with pity. And he was a good chess player. If anything, he told you how to stay calm.
Uhura at least made sure a PADD was delivered to you with the day's reports, where all of you were and such. Kirk still came to ask you how you were doing.
A week and a few days and you weren't crazy or anything. In fact, you've taken up Spock's meditation. That helped, somewhat. If not so much for passing the time, to simply to not get crazy.
You had to be on the bridge. You've never even had a shore leave this long. There were times in the schedules where Spock and Kirk were off duty at the same time. You'd always be the acting captain then. Who was doing it now? Sulu had to navigate, Scotty personally hated it and would rather be at engineering. Chekov was too inexperienced. Uhura and McCoy had no place being in command.
Spock's assurance that "everything is working at the same efficiency as before" wasn't assuring. It could mean the moment you'd run into trouble, the ship would go down in flames. In the Kobayashi maru test Chekov blew his own ship up to destroy those klingons. What if that happened again?
"Hey, you doing alright?"
You looked up to see Chapel and gave a small nod.
"Just wondering who has conn when Kirk and Spock are sleeping. I'm deathly worried they'll crash us into a planet or something. So, any progress on coming up with a vaccine?"
"None, sorry. It's a really rare disease and not much has ever been seen of it. Since we left the planet without samples of it, we can't make a vaccine from dead cells containing it."
You gave a small nod, feeling like you'd rather give up your own cells and let them die then endure this any longer. McCoy had told you it was out of the question. He didn't even consider it. You were so confused by him most of all.
Kirk had claimed you two a couple but the grounds which he did so were shaky. Spock considered you McCoy's 'bondmate' and vice versa. If you ever cheated on McCoy you were sure Spock would refuse speaking to you. Vulcans were monogamous and territorial, and there had been a few times the Vulcan diverted alien beings from you on a planet by claiming you were already had a 'mate'. To Spock it was less of trying to be friends with McCoy and more of keeping your pride. McCoy's theory was that the mind meld had other effects. Kirk merely called it cute.
To say Spock had no feelings was a line McCoy, Kirk, and you would never say. It simply took almost a five year voyage and Spock dying, and trying to find Spock once more, mind melds all around, mirror verses and countless near death experiences for all of you to have the bond you did. Friendship, and between you and McCoy, perhaps something more.
It had become habit for you and McCoy sleep together though nothing was done. There was always reassurance in having his body next to yours, and when he had to leave, he kissed you soundly, passionately, as if you weren't awake. When he would crawl in next to you, the kiss was light and chaste. You loved both of them. He'd never let any nurses care for you, he did that himself. Just like Kirk. Except he'd be giving you attitude for the smallest cut. If he could, he'd never make you leave his arms.
Neither of you admitted to anything, falling straight into this comfortable, chaste relationship as if you two had been dating for a long time already. You didn't know why you two had skipped the passion and flames at first. But you didn't care. This way, he wouldn't be leaving you.
So why did he not come to visit you or say anything besides what he did when he checked your vitals when no nurses could do that themselves. If anything, he lost his 'bedside manner' around you. You were getting less non-medical care from him than any other patient.
"Can I see doctor McCoy?"
"He's in surgery at the moment. Are you feeling alright?"
"Yes. I just want to talk to him about personal matters."
"Well, today's really busy. But the moment he's free I'll send him to you."
You gave Chapel a smile in thanks and went back to a book near your bed. 'Very soon', you mused, 'I'm going to have all of Spock's personal library in here'. Of course, once he gave you the books, he couldn't take them back because you touched them and no vaccine had been made.
You finished the book and moved onto the next when there was a knock. You looked to see McCoy tapping a nearby wall, and you quickly put the book down and went as close as possible to him.
"Are you feeling alright?"
"Yes... Except for this pain."
"What pain?"
Now you had the doctor's full attention. You gave pointed towards your heart and McCoy looked like he'd go straight through the forcefield to make sure you were fine.
"I'm not a doctor, but, I think it's that the virus is starting to affect me, or it's because my 'bondmate', as Spock says, hasn't even given me a single hello in almost two weeks. And his office is five steps away."
You gave a pout and McCoy didn't say anything. He then pulled out a hypo, and in one smooth motion, nothing but the hypo itself going through the barrier, he pressed it against your neck.
"That should help with any pain. There's a sedative in there so it'll help with emotional stress for a few more hours. Don't call for me unless it's serious. I'm busy."
McCoy left you without any more visible love then he had for you when he came. You felt sorrow fill you at the thought that he just rejected you.
The next time Chapel came nearby you stopped her.
"What is McCoy actually doing?"
"He mostly just tries to make a vaccine for you. He hardly sleeps or anything. I have to give him a sedative so he doesn't fall dead from sleep deprivation."
"... Tell him if he doesn't sleep, I'll make Spock Vulcan pinch him. If you use those words, I'm sure he'll give up for awhile."
"Yes, commander."
Chapel gave a small smile before going off to check on another patient. You sighed and picked up the book once more. If Spock would be willing, he'd back you up before McCoy.


"I don't know, won't Doctor McCoy be upset?"
"No. I'm helping him. Get me some more of these."
Sulu looked slightly hesitant as he held up more hypos and vials. You shook your head and he placed them on the ground. He gave them a small push to roll through the force field which wasn't as powerful as the one on the brig. Bacteria and what not stair in, objects could he pushed through. Yet if you tried to escape, you may as well be up against a brig-style field.
You picked up another hypo and took out more of your blood. If McCoy didn't want to use the fact vaccines needed dead contaminants and you could provide them, then you'd go behind his back and do it.
"You are both progressing in an illogical plan. You cannot physically give as much blood as needed."
Sulu and you both looked up from the ground to see Spock. You gave a nervous salute before bowing your head. Sulu scampered out of the situation as the Vulcan lowered himself.
"I don't want to sit here for the rest of my life. And there's no way McCoy can figure out the vaccine. The planet which had it was destroyed. Spock, I'll be destined to spend my entire life here if I don't at least try this."
"It's illogical."
"I'm human, Spock. I'm going to go absolutely crazy here. So what's your solution then?"
The Vulcan didn't say anything and brought his hands together. You knew the move was borrowed from his father, and even then, used only in diplomatic situations where the solution wasn't obvious.
"That's a question for Doctor McCoy."
Also translated as, he has absolutely no idea at what to do. You leaned back on a nearby wall and shoved the hypos and such away. They spilled and mixed as you buried your head in your arms. You began silently crying from the stress of being practically trapped for two weeks.
Spock couldn't offer any soothing words but did keep sitting there. When you finally stopped crying he asked you to play chess. You managed to stop nod, your emotions brightening. The Vulcan usually only played with Kirk and nobody else.
"I don't understand a human's-"
"I know. Just accept it."


You paced back and forth, unable to do anything else. The alarm for red alert sounded and you couldn't help. Every strand of your being said to get onto the bridge but you could do nothing.
Sulu skittered to a stop before you and Chekov followed, a few seconds late and panting lightly. He instantly began trying to bypass the commands in sickbay to release you.
"What are you guys doing?! Get back on bridge! That's an order."
You crossed your arms and Sulu shook his head, sweat dripping down his face and burn marks on his lower arm. Chekov was spilling blood from his mouth and spat some out onto the sleeve of his uniform.
"We need someone to be captain. Spock and Kirk are on the surface. This is an emergency. Some alien already saw me and Chekov on bridge, and not in the captain's seat."
"Ask Scotty."
"Busy. Warp drive's been trashed."
"Look around. Sick bay's full. Uhura is trying to stall."
"Then get me out!"
Chekov was pressing every button it seemed possible and then shouted.
Both you and Sulu forgot your problems for a moment at heading Chekov swear, even if it was in Russian. Chekov pulled out his phaser, took it off its usual stun and shot the control panel. The force field before you went away and you ran towards the bridge. Sulu was at your heels, Chekov a few steps past that.
You basically fell into the captain's chair once there and pressed the keys at the side of the chair.
"Scotty! What's happening?"
"Warp drive down. We could go warp 1 if we really push it."
"Time to fix?"
"Give me a wee while and I'll get you up to warp five."
You flipped the switch again and made a second call.
"Leonard, how many causalities?"
"A dozen. Some quite bad. I've got people dying down here- HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET ON THE BRIDGE-?!"
"Besides the point. Just do what you can down there."
Next communication.
"Transporter room, do you have a lock on the captain and Mr. Spock?"
"No, commander. They're running."
"Tell me when you can beam them aboard." You cut that communication off. "Uhura, hail them. Chekov, ready the torpedoes. I don't know what we may be up against but it doesn't look good. Sulu, what am I up against?"
"Three battle-style ships. The planet claims we invaded their space and have forcefully been trying to get us out. We can't leave the captain and Mr. Spock behind though."
"Got it. Uhura?"
"Ready when you are."
"View screen."
An alien man came on the screen.
"Who am I speaking to?"
"Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the Federation."
"Then we'll seize firing while we talk."
"Good. Then let's talk."


"Damn it! You're supposed to be in sickbay!"
McCoy's voice ripped through the bridge and you inwardly shuddered. You stood up from the captain's seat as McCoy strode towards a coughing Chekov. The Russian didn't seem to be able to breathe long enough for survival and a hypo went into his neck. In a few minutes Chekov was back to normal. McCoy then hypoed just about everybody else on the bridge.
"Wait? You had the cure?!"
You grabbed McCoy's shoulder and made him look at you. He then crossed his arms.
"Yes, but no way to stop the disease. I'll have to hypo the entire crew only when they show symptoms- if they show symptoms. Everybody is at a much higher rick because you simply didn't want to stay in sickbay!"
"Well, genius," you spoke the title sarcastically. "How come you just didn't give me the cure?"
McCoy looked like he would say something but then just closed his mouth. He was speechless.
You gave an annoyed sigh and pushed a nearby Spock towards the doctor.
"Talk some logic into him!"
McCoy glared at the Vulcan then snapped at Kirk.
"Talk some sense into your subordinates, Jim!"
Spock meanwhile stood between both you and McCoy, his eyebrows furrowing slightly as he tried to make sense of the situation. He then realized it was the human emotions which were confusing him.
He stepped back then placed a hand on your cheek. He did the same to McCoy's and the doctor began to protest loudly.
"My mind to your mind..."
When he pulled away both you and McCoy were silent, in an odd bond of emotions humans were meant to feel.
"There is a reason Vulcan mates do not fight."
Spock went back to his station and Kirk stopped him with a light cough.
"Do Vulcans do that?"
Spock tossed his head backwards to see you and McCoy kissing. Your hands were in his hair, his clutching the back of your shirt. Tongues, teeth, and nails digging into flesh marked that kiss. Chekov's eyes went so wide Sulu put a hand over the younger officer's eyes.
"I think that's a little too grown-up for you, Pavel."
"Zat vas..."
Chekov looked slightly disgusted, and partially confused.
"Umm, Bones," Kirk tried to start off delicately. "You have your own room."
McCoy merely rolled his eyes, groaning slightly into your kiss.
"Shut up, Jim. I- ummm, I'm busy..."
Kirk slowly became aware of just how awkward the moment was in the bridge.
"Well, um, let's play a game of poker or something."
Chekov darted out of the room with Uhura and Sulu close behind.
Kirk practically dragged Spock away along the lines of "I'll teach you the rules. Then I'll teach some people not to make love in my chair."
"Keptin, vould they really?" Chekov sounded downright horrified and Kirk crossed his arms as the turbo lift doors closed.
"As McCoy says, the damn they would."

McCoy x reader (confinement)by Fate4Destiny

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / General / Short Stories©2013-2014 Fate4Destiny
Title: confinement
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: McCoy x reader
Word count: approx. 2500
Author's note: I got lazy at the ending (when am I not?) and was rushed and just wanted to get this one finished... Hence why the ending isn't exactly directly your POV anymore...
I just wanted this story off my phone... I have too many stories on it!!!
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