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September 14, 2013
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"I am not his queen."
McCoy bit back his laugh as the alien became convinced you were Chekov's mate.
"This race is telepathic and believes a relationship is formed only when two people both love each other fully."
Spock gave the lecture with a monotone expression and you rolled your eyes.
"I already know about my relationship with Chekov. But why do they have to use the term Queen?"
Spock and McCoy offered no explanation until Chekov stepped into the room.
"Because you are ze most important lady in my life. Zhey think that should be a queen..."
Chekov gave a blush as he held out a crown from the aliens.
"Vill you be my queen?"
Kirk glanced sideways during this and glanced at McCoy.
"Does he realize he can't accept gifts as part of regulations?"
"Damn it, Jim, you've spent too much time with the hobgoblin. Let the kids have their fun."

"-better than drugs..."
Spock raised an eyebrow at hearing Sulu and Chekov converse. He decided to wait a moment to see if the two were in fact, doing any type of drug. That was heavily against regulations, and therefore would be his job to report them.
"Zhe kisses, love, I am crazy for her!"
Spock could hear Sulu chuckle before stopped, a more serious aura befalling the two.
"Then ask her, Pavel. What's the worse that can happen?"
"She says no."
"But she could also say yes."
Spock suddenly seemed to know what they were talking about when the young man was fiddling with a red rose. He strode over to the two officers who looked up at him in shock.
"Mister. Spock, vhat-?"
"Mr. Chekov, there is a mathematically 50% you will be refused. But, if you are talking about her,"
Spock motioned to you who was far across the room with McCoy and Scotty.
"Then I believe the odds jump to 99%. The 1% is due to instant death."
Chekov paled slightly but Sulu with Spock's strength, managed to make the Russian stand before you. Now it was up to your decision.

"Chekov, you have shore leave. And you must take it."
Chekov was about to argue but was soon in the transporter room. He saw you beside him who shrugged at him.
"Kirk says I need a vacation."
"Yup! Now, don't do anything I wouldn't. Energize."
The transporter chief did as ordered and then questioned the captain.
"But sir, with all due respect, according to rumours, you've done almost every-"
"Besides the point. I'm not an overprotecting dad or anything. Just giving them a push."
"Of course, sir... I sent them to the honeymoon suite in the hotel on the surface like you specified."
"Good job. Beam them back up tomorrow afternoon. They still have a job, after all."
"Aye, sir."

There was very few times when Spock actually played his Vulcan harp. And even less times when the much of the crew joined in with music making. You were dancing with Sulu when you saw Chekov sitting stiffly. He was even more tense than Spock was.
You walked to him and offered your hand.
"Pavel, want to dance?"
"But what about Sulu?"
Sulu grabbed Chekov's arms and threw you both together on the floor. The music turned into a love song and everybody slowly filtered away from the dance floor, not many people willing to dance to a romantic song there. Chekov and you didn't even notice. All you could see were brown eyes with love deep inside of them.

"Did she-?"
"She does show much skill in fighting, captain."
"I don't need you to tell me that, Spock."
The entire beam down team looked at you in awe. Chekov's eyes were wide and he walked up to you.
"You are a fighter?"
"We all had to learn at the academy, Pavel."
Chekov made a motion to the man on the ground you just kicked in the face and knocked unconscious.
"That is not training. Don't do that!"
It was the first time Chekov raised his voice and you wondered if he was upset at you saving his life. He shook your shoulders and then looked at you carefully.
"Our keptin say zhat. Vhat if he made you a red shirt? Zhen you'd be in even more danger. You vorry me vhen you do-"
Chekov was cut off by a pair of lips on his. His worried faded, especially since the audience heard.
"That is most disappointing. She would have made a fantastic chief of security."
"That is true. Are you not pleased about them being in love though?"
"I suppose. Are you?"
"Nah. They've been in love since day one. It's about time."
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Chekov x reader
Like the Sulu story I did, this has the same format. Five (because I need to give myself a number) moments with you and Chekov.
Requests for other Star Trek characters or more Chekov in this style?
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