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You opened the door to your bedroom to jump a little in shock. You were not expecting the doctor to be waiting on your bed, twirling a finished Rubix's cube next to a stack of read books. He glanced up at you then let his body fall backwards on the bed.
"I can't find her!"
He twirled sideways, body mixing with the blankets as he fell absolutely silent. His mind was far away in thought, and he glanced at you when you laid next to him in the bed.
"If you're going to lie there without telling me your problem, I'm going to sleep."
You kicked off your shoes and jacket, arms wrapping around his warm body. He slowly turned onto his back as you rested your head on his chest, hearing a constant rhythm of both his hearts, an exotic lullaby only for you.
"I can't find her. I already told you that-"
You slipped a hand over his mouth, keeping him quiet without any commands. You slipped your hand off and lightly stroked you fingers down his cheek, keenly aware of a feather-light kiss he placed on your wrist.
"I lost them. I lost her to, but she's still out there to be found."
"Your companions?"
The doctor gave a small nod, looking up at the ceiling which was painted with a picture of the stars, a small blue Tardis in the centre, making him almost smile. He slowly ran his hand over your hair, petting it as he sat up. You gave a small groan at the movement, even though he had caught you and placed you in his lap with the most delicacy imaginable.
You could tell he was tense, after so many years of knowing him you could tell all his whims and body language. You opened your eyes and looked up at him, wishing briefly that he'd come to you for something other than problem solving.
"C'mon then..."
You got up and yawned, opening your laptop as you sat on your bed. The doctor wavered over your shoulder before pulling you into his arms again.
"What's her name?"
"Clara Oswin Oswald."
You typed it into the search, waiting a moment for it to cross-reference against billions of names and files.
"1 match found. Lucky you. Here's her address if you go to see her..."
You moved your head slightly so the doctor could see better, laying his head on your shoulder. He looked sideways at you and gave a small smile. He then pressed his lips to your cheek then forehead, pushing you lightly back onto the bed.
"You go to sleep. I'll be back when you wake up."
"Is that an infamous Doctor promise?"
"No. That's a promise from a friend. So sleep already."
The doctor had a new bound to his step as he left your room quickly, running to his Tardis which he had parked in your living room. You gave a small smile, head falling onto the pillows to breathe in his scent. A light scent of cologne and something so alien yet so familiar.
You fell to sleep quickly, not there for when the doctor walked back into your room. He gave a small smile at the sight, pulling up your blankets and settling back down beside you. He opened the last book he read to the appropriate page, ripping out the final page to keep the story continuing forever. It was a habit you weren't too fond of.
It didn't last long, the quiet. Soon you turned around and the doctor fixed your blankets. You tossed again though before he could finish, curling up in a ball with tears starting to leave your eyes. You gave a broken sob, body shuddering from ghosts unseen as the doctor scooped you up in his arms.
When he had brought you on adventures, you were younger than all his other companions. You were scared and he was convinced to show you all the wonders in the galaxy. You slowly began to want to explore, but he had left you alone. Alone before an angel, an angel he ended up smashing in a fit of what could only be called protectiveness. He then had taken you in his arms and ran as fast as he could. You had been only a child then. You could tell nobody what had happened, the only person who could comfort you was the doctor, the man who had left you alone that night.
And ever since he stayed around you, jumping into your life at random moments, nightmares had returned.
You woke up in tears only an hour after you had gone to sleep. Of course, nobody was there to greet your call. You stood up and slowly moved towards the door, hand reaching out for a light switch. You slowly turned to come face to face with a stone face, fangs barring themselves in a locked quantum state.
You stood in shock, eyes unable to blink even if you wanted to. You stepped out of the room and slammed the door shut with your foot. This of course blocked your view of the angel, and you heard a crash against it, the hinges already ripping out from the wall.
You ran backwards, eyes on the being, making them freeze the moment they came out from behind the splinters of your door.
"Doctor! I'm making a wish, so listen, please! Doctor, I'm awake. You promise me you'd be here! Doctor!"
You bumped into the stair railing and then shot down the stairs. You felt something sharp scratch your back and blood flowed down your back. You turned your head just as you stumbled. You saw the angel frozen as you thudded against the floor. Your eyes closed as you winced in pain. You opened them to be pinned beneath the angel, their eyes wide and on your neck where their hands were. If you blinked they'd snap your neck.
"Do it then. Send me back in time. Then you'll leave me alone."
And you blinked.


"Come back for me tomorrow, after seven, and I'll tell you my answer then."
The doctor watched Clara go before pressing some buttons in the Tardis's control room, knowing exactly who'd he go to.
"I found her! I'm pretty sure she'll become my companion now."
The doctor spun around in your sitting room, waiting for your reply. It always came. Always.
Then he remembered that you were sleeping, and he quickly ran up the stairs, careful not to make any noise. He paused before your bedroom, seeing the broken door. He then looked inside, seeing a window in shards but not seeing you at all.
He whipped out his sonic screwdriver then waved it around the room, following a faint trail of time distortion to the bottom of the stairs. He read off the information the screwdriver showed him then ran into his Tardis, quickly jumping back in time. A dozen years, a century, two, all the way to five or so. How far back did they take you? Angels usually only threw people back a few decades.
He landed among trees and fields, the place not yet being settled. His gaze raised higher until he observed a medieval fortress on the hill. That was as good as a place to start as any.


"Move back, I'm the doctor. Move!"
The crowd thinned around the person on the ground, assuming the doctor knew some medical skills. The Doctor fell to his knees before the body, their neck snapped and clothes from a time now considered to be far in the future.
He picked up your body, holding it close and wishing all he could that you hadn't died. That this was all wrong. It had to be. You couldn't be dead. Not you. Anybody but you.
"It's a shame. She was a sweet girl. Arrived here last week."
The doctor raised his head at the women, his hands seizing to quiver and his voice regaining some confidence.
"Last week?"
"Yes. She said she came from overseas. It was all rather odd-"
"Watch over that body! I'll be back. Five minutes in the past."
The women looked oddly at the man with a bowtie who was running as fast as he could, double hearts pumping in adrenaline.


"Doctor! Help-!"
"Well, it seems as though I'm a little late to be there when you wake up. Why did you blink?!"
The doctor picked you up in his arms as he glared at the men in black cloaks holding blood-crusted swords.
"Nobody hurts my companions. Nobody."
With that the doctor began running again to the Tardis, a smile on his lips though as you and he were chased down the streets.
"You didn't answer my question. Why did you blink?"
You looked sideways at the doctor as you jumped over a small stone wall, spotting the blue of the Tardis in the distance.
"Because I may not be your companion anymore, but you're still mine."
The doctor said nothing for a moment, thinking about that. Him, a companion?
"Why do you say that?"
"It's my story. So I'm naturally the main character, right?"
"Point taken. A question though, is your story a romance?"
The doctor opened the door to the Tardis and you entered, spinning around on the floor a few times before ending up staring at him.
"It's every type of story. And I think this chapter ought to be an adventure."
"No more fears?"
"Only when you're not with me. So take me somewhere, doctor, where you'll never leave my side."
The doctor went to the controls and paused briefly.
"That's an infinite of places."
"Then let's see them all~!"
May be a little out of character, and why do they all end in going on another adventure?
In the words of Tolkien, "End? No, it doesn’t end here." Life's an adventure, I suppose.
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