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August 3, 2013
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Sam Winchester x reader


You sighed as you took down yet another book. Your mother had recently bought a house, and in her superstitious head, convinced herself it was haunted. She made you go to the library, which was putting a serious dent in your day-off. But oh well, perhaps when you found proof that ghosts didn't haunt old kitchens, she'd go back to baking those cookies you loved. Between cookies and your mother, you decided your day-off could wait.

"Excuse me, but I need that book." You turned towards the new voice, then looked up, and up a little more until you managed to look into green eyes.

"Well, I took it first."

"Look, it's really important that I see it."

"It's a book on old houses. How important can it be?"

You added the book to the pile in your arms. You're mother was slowly going insane- though you could swear she already was- from this supposed ghost. He could wait.

You placed the books down on the table you had your papers at and opened it up. You were taking more notes. You had moved to the point of 'Okay, there's a ghost in my mom's kitchen. How do I get rid of it without dying like in a bad horror film?'

The man sat across from you with his own books and began flipping through one. It was an old history of the town, and another book on supernatural cases in said town was next to it. So perhaps you weren't the only one with a haunted house.

"Okay, what house are you looking for? Mine is 42 Wallaby Way. It used to be owned by a P. Sherman. [1]" You lowered your book and the man did the same to answer you. He shifted slightly then gave a small nod, as if thinking to himself.

"People have been saying some odd things are happening near that house. I was looking up the same one. Do you own it?"

"My mother does. So I think you owe me a reason why you're researching it."

"Let's just say I'm interested in the supernatural."

You gave a small smile at his response, as if holding in a laugh. Oh yeah, your mother would have definitely wanted you to date this man if she saw him. In a library, and talking about her superstitious stuff. Double points for the man with green eyes.

"Well, I usually don't believe in haunted houses and ghosts and stuff. But, I'll admit according to these books, it's haunted. Guess you can't even trust what you read in the library anymore." You dropped the book on the table and leaned back on your chair, sighing. Now your mother was either crazy or you had some psycho ghost next to the kitchen knives. Both options would make family dinners an awkward matter.

"Well, what if it was a ghost?"

"Then I supposedly need an exorcist. Know any cute ones?"

You gave the man a playful smile and he leaned forward slightly.

"I know two guys who hunt things which go bump in the night."

"Hmm, I'm not sure my ghost goes 'bump'... But honestly, good try. See ya."

You picked up the books to return them, placing them in the shelving unit. Honestly, you needed a hit of reality. And clearly that man wasn't going to give it to you.

You walked outside past a beautiful black car which caught your attention briefly. When you saw the green eyed man walk towards it, you simply turned away and began walking home. The car passed you on its way.


Fire, it was the first thing which you were aware of when you stepped onto your mother's driveway. Next to the garden was a large hole, flames coming out of it. Three men were standing there with your mother. You clenched your fists and walked towards them.

"Hey psychos! Get off this property before I kick you out! You'll get fined for breaking fire safety laws."

One man turned to face you, green eyes reflecting the flames. He glanced at another with a trench coat. Soon the flames vanished and you walked towards them. You pulled your mother away from the hole where some ash was.

"There was a dead body there-"

"Sure mom. Why don't you get some sleep."

"I'm honest-"

"Just go inside."

Your mother looked like she would say quite a few things before going inside. You then looked at those males. The one with the trench coat was gone, nowhere in sight. The shorter one left for the Impala on the side of the road. You continued to stare at the taller one.

"You're crazy. There's no body in my flower garden. There's no ghost. And there's certainly nothing going 'bump in the night'."

"Maybe we all are. Crazy that is. What's honestly to be considered sanity?"

"Is that honestly your answer?"

The man shrugged. "Does it matter? We'll never see each other again. You don't believe in what I have to do my entire life-"

The man was cut off by your lightly kissing his lips, having to go on your toes to reach.

"If we're all crazy, I can kiss a guy just because I think he's cute..."

You turned around and walked back to your house, ignoring your mother who gave you a thumbs up from the window. As you reached your front door you laughed.

Absolutely psychotic and crazy. That's why the green-eyed man was still staring at you, unmoving. And that's why you ran back to him. Because if everybody had sanity, everybody was crazy.

Psycho (Sam x reader)by Fate4Destiny

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / General / Short Stories©2013-2014 Fate4Destiny
Sam Winchester x reader
I had this on, and decided to bring it over
My first story with Sam as a main character. I usually do Castiel or Lucifer
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