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Silk wrapped around you in the colours of water, teals and greens and blues with a hint of purple. A silver cup was presented to you and you took a small sip, the sweet wine tasting light and like honey.
"You being the queen to two worlds, sounds lovely, doesn't it?"
The doctor whispered into your ear, eyes scanning the humanoid aliens in the room.
"It somewhat does, actually."
You were about to lift the cup once more but the doctor put his hand over the top, slowly making you place it on the table.
"You don't even know these people. What you're getting into. How long this will take. You don't even know where you are. Or when, for that matter."
You turned towards the doctor who was rocking on the back of his heels, impatient to take some action and a plan surely in his mind. His arms were draped over the back of your throne and he bowed his head closer to yours once more.
"They plan to marry you off. So we should leave. Right now-"
There was a flourish of music and the doctor protectively came to your side, leaning against the side of the throne and pulling out his sonic screwdriver. He focused it on a pompous man, silver-hued skin and hair as black as the night over pointed ears.
"He looks like an elf-"
"Oh, he is. A egocentric race of aliens, if ever there was one. They never say yes or no. They say both all at once."
The doctor sounded almost bitter as the ethereal being came up and kissed your hand. They then looked at the doctor who pointed the screwdriver at them as if it could be a weapon.
"She's /my/ companion."
"She will be my queen. Surely that is much more important than being a companion."
The doctor almost scowled as he grabbed your hand and began pulling you towards the Tardis. A set of guards with long and deadly looking jagged blades stood before it, and the elf spoke once more.
"I must ask that you spend the night. To at least think it over."
The doctor practically threw his arms around you, sensing what the other alien was implying.
"She stays with me. Always and only me."
The doctor's grip almost strangled you, you could feel his chest against your back, his wrists dug into your stomach. You lost your breath for a moment, complete silence making you feel his hearts beat against you, his breathing shallow and hitched in your ear.
His mind was probably whirling with a plan, it never just sat there, bored. But at the moment his mind was preoccupied. Some alien wanted to steal his companion. To mate with them. That was never going to happen.
His companions were guaranteed one thing. The doctor's will to protect them. And it took the doctor keeping you in his arms, safe from all harm of the galaxy, then so be it. He was ready to sonic anybody who dared so lay a hand on you, alien or human.
"She's my human."
The doctor's voice was laced with darkness, the same aura filtering through his voice as during Gallifrey's final war. Centuries of being called a predator by the Daleks or outwitting the equivalent to gods shown through, and the doctor was still almost squeezing you to death.
"Doctor, your arms are a little tight-"
He held you a but tighter, ignoring your words. He mostly pushed you forward to where a servant of the 'king' led you. It was room with a large bed, bright windows and everything carved with precise details into deep oaken wood.
"Well, I'm tired..."
You went into the bee, the sheets silk against your skin. You closed your eyes briefly before feeling that choking pressure on your again.
"Shush, you're safe."
He whispered that as if it was the most important thing in the world. And to him at that moment, it was. He staid awake, keeping you curled up in blankets against his chest. You woke up to have your face pressed into his chest, and you gave a sleepy murmur as he stroked the hair from your face.
"Now that you're awake, we can leave."
The doctor stood up, ready to get into the Tardis and go far away. Far from the competition to win your attention and awe. He ushered you along quickly, walking behind you instead of always at the front. You felt lost without him before you, even though you were just walking down a hallway.
"Going so soon?"
You paused at the king's voice, the doctor's death clutch going onto your shoulders. There would probably be bruises after. The doctor didn't say any words, but if looks could kill, that king would already have a tombstone.
"It would be fun to stay here," you could almost feel the doctor's body temperature drop as his blood stopped pumping for awhile. "It's beautiful and adventurous," the doctor's breath became audible, "It would be the best years of my life." The doctor's fingertips quivered, and his hold loosened in defeat. "But, I don't need a king or a castle or planet. All I need is a doctor."
For the first time in ages, he hugged you. It wasn't restraining or him protecting you. It was simply his body pressed softly around yours, and you had never felt safer in any time or place.
Positive in my day: accepted to university
Bad thing: hypotension 
So, all in all, life isn't an adventure. It's a roller coaster.
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SoulsGF Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dancing Elsa All I need is my Doctor!
angelfire26 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Awwwww :)
bluedragon1208 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  New member
The Doctor seemed like he was a male animal protecting his mate. Sooooo romantic! 😍
JellicleGirl Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
What?! Why isn't this already in my favs?! *runs off to add to favs*
crimsonfrostx Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really do love all of your stories! I can't even begin to tell you how long I've spent my nights literally going through and reading about my favorite characters and thinking of how well you always portray them as. Your really gifted in writing and just reading one of your stories really makes me smile. Aaaaaanddd......I had to imagine the Tenth Doctor for this since he was my first and I just literally started watching the Eleventh Doctor XD (I know it's late but congrats on the university ^_^)
wingedsupernova Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Professional Writer
This is one of my favourites of yours, so I thought I'd start critiquing here. :.)
I find your style of writing to be different from anything else I've ever read. It's not quite airy, but it has lofty and dreamy qualities which almost make it feel as though the reader is walking through a mist of sorts. Very unique, and I enjoy it, I must say. 
In terms of this piece in particular, I like the way you allow the Doctor's feelings to come through your dialogue. Short, quick sentences ending with periods. Some fragments. Good use of technique. 
I know the platform is difficult to post in, but when you want to write interruptions into dialogues, I believe two hyphens might be more correct than one...? So, "And I don't give a --" rather than "And I don't give a-" 
Nit-picky? Perhaps. Just personal preference. 
I do love your imagery. Matches your style quite nicely. 
Do like how you use actions and descriptions to convey emotions as well. 
Sorry if that's a bit short...not too much I could find here. 
...I really do love this piece. Frozen - Olaf's Shy Icon Frozen - Olaf's Joy Icon 
Fate4Destiny Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks for criticizing back! 
It's rather odd though, since you mentioned the reader being in a mist. That's kinda what it feels like when you write, but then you reread it and lose the effect :)
I'll try to remember the two dashes instead of one, it does add something in terms of showing people that somebody really did get cut off. 
CorporalBadass Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Kyah Kyah i-i cant breath its so cute! Can't Breathe 
FemPortugal Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*Crying lightly* thats. So. Beautiful!
eddyslilsis Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I pictured everything in my head as it happened...I absolutely loved this. The thought of My Doctor holding me like that...<3
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