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September 21, 2013
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"Hmm, I think they're done... Breakfast's ready! Jim! Bones! Spock!"
"Alright, I'm up. Stop your damn whining."
McCoy was the first to come into the kitchen, plopping down on a seat and rubbing his sleepy eyes.
You sighed but gave him a cup. He took a sip then glanced up at you as if debating something.
"Did you use the replicator?"
"No... You actually tasted the difference?"
"Hmm, you always give me a shot of brandy."
McCoy gave a lazy smile before yawning. He did so cutely, and you brushed your lips against his temple.
"What was that for?"
"A good morning kiss. Hmm, is Jim still sleeping?"
"If he is do I get another kiss?"
You lightly kissed McCoy's cheekbone this time then messily ran a hand through his messy hair.
"First day of shore leave, so I went all out on breakfast. Help yourself to whatever you want... Minus the Vulcan Mocha. That's Spock's."
"Damn Vulcan gets everything he wants."
You gave a small shake of your head more to yourself then him. To get that brandy was a lot of work, and caused you to cash in quite a few favours. You indulged yourself one more kiss, this one playfully on the tip of his nose, before leaving the kitchen.
You climbed the stairs to Kirk's room which McCoy crashed in last night. You kicked McCoy's things aside, sighing at how the messy the room was. Kirk's Iowa childhood home was small, not exactly near anywhere, and caused you to he stuck with three other senior officers instead of relaxing. Iowa wasn't anything like your own home. Nor was it like Spock's. And even McCoy had complaints. Someone should have brought up the point that once on shore leave, nobody had to follow the captain's orders.
"Jim, time to wake up."
"Hmm, show yourself out. Last night was fun."
Your rolled your eyes, your captain not even moving out of bed. Well, at least you knew his auto-response to hearing a female early at morning. Unless he and McCoy- nah, you kicked those thoughts out of your head pretty quickly. Though it would explain why the man who woke up every time someone got an injury now looked exhausted downstairs.
"Captain, a Klingon ship has come out of warp. Report to the bridge-"
Kirk quickly sat up, kicking his blanket off and then pausing. He slowly looked around then at you.
"That was cruel."
"Breakfast is in the kitchen. If you don't hurry Bones will drink all the coffee. You have five minutes."
"Ugh, when did you come into command here?"
"Then I'll let Bones eat everything-"
"Alright! I'm up. Sheesh."
Kirk grumbled about for a bit but dug into his bag to find a change if clothes. You smiled at him thankfully and he gave a small one back. Now was the Vulcan.
You opened the door to the guest room the science officer had taken up. It was empty and clean, which you knew Spock must have done because it was a disaster when he went in. The bed was made and empty, his uniform folded perfectly on it.
The window was open and you had a faint idea where he might be. You climbed out the window and onto the roof. You then frowned. So, Spock wasn't meditating anywhere.
"Commander, what are you doing?"
You instantly went back in the room and tried to look casual as you sat on the window's edge.
"Looking for you."
Spock said nothing for a moment, his hair glistening wet and a towel wrapped around his waist. He held it with his hands, his neck and ears having a faint green hue to them. Blushing, or from the heat of his shower from before?
"Um, breakfast's ready, so I came to wake you."
"I heard your message while you were downstairs with the doctor."
Your eyes followed the drops of water as they ran down his chest and got absorbed by the low hanging towel. Way too much eye candy so early in the morning.
"Alright... Do you have any other clothes? Casual ones?"
You wondered exactly where those would have been before you shook your head.
"I'll be downstairs then..."
You fled the room quickly, causing Spock to arch an eyebrow. You came downstairs to find McCoy and Kirk's fingers messy with cinnamon and sugar.
"What happened to cutlery? Or manners?"
Kirk gave a sheepish shrug, filling his mouth once more with the freshly baked pastry. McCoy had the decency to wash his hands and then pick up a fork. You sat down nearby them and sipped your own coffee.
"So, anybody have any plans for today or is everybody lounging about? Because I need to buy somethings."
"I'll come. Talk to some people I haven't seen in awhile. Bones?"
The doctor shook his head.
"Have some reading to do. Seems like every year Starfleet gets more ensigns and recruits who are even more exotic then the next. And they always end up on our damned ship."
"I will join you, as the doctor would most likely be more efficient in his reading without me in the near vicinity."
Spock's voice was a new addition and you looked at him. You got up to pour him a cup of Vulcan Mocha and gave it to him. He took it with a small nod and sipped it.
"It is highly similar in flavour to it being made on Vulcan."
"A thank you would have sufficed. Though you should try this,"
You held up a pastry to Spock who instantly shook his head, eyes widening ever so slightly.
"Why not? It's technically vegetarian-"
"Vulcans do not consume sucrose well. I do not require sustenance at the moment."
Spock placed the cup down then spun around, his vulcan robe fluttering around his heels. He left the room rather quickly and you looked confused.
"Vulcans don't like sugar?"
"Hmm, it messes with their hormonal balance somehow. Not like those hobgoblin's share much of their medical knowledge with us."
"I'll check up on him."
You put the pastry down, then followed Spock's path. You went into his bedroom to see him sitting on his bed, legs crossed and eyes closed in meditation.
"Are you feeling okay? I didn't know about the sugar-thing. If you feel sick-"
"Sucrose does not cause any ill feelings."
"Then do you just not like it?"
You prompted the Vulcan on while you sat beside him on the bed. He shifted awkwardly, the scent of cinnamon heavy on you and it made his head spin. He couldn't concentrate on meditation anymore and kept the pose up just to appear like his heart wasn't thudding on the lower edge of his rib cage at the moment.
"Somethings like chocolate effect Vulcans by intoxications. Other sustenance like cinnamon..."
Spock shifted so he was on his knees now, looking at you. He observed every contour of you, imagined himself kissing each line which defined your face.
"Works as an aphrodisiac."
Spock watched the blush go over your cheeks, and he felt his own heat up. His knuckles turned white as he gripped the sheets of the bed beneath him, trying to ignore the fire dancing within him.
"That was a lot of cinnamon. And you still smell like it. Strongly."
"I- I see."
Spock expected you to leave but you still sat there, stunned and momentarily in shock. The half-Vulcan shifted, then reached out and placed two fingers on your lips. His vision hazed slightly and all he could feel were your lips beneath his telepathic touch.
"Perhaps you should leave. Before I do anything rash."
His voice was a deeper edge to it, commanding in some ways and aroused in others. He looked a little confused somewhere deep in those chocolate brown orbs.
You numbly nodded and quickly left his bedroom. When the door clicked shut you heard a deep groan, frustration laced heavily in it. It was the first time you heard him be so verbal, he never even cried out in pain while bleeding out on some alien planet.
"What did you do to him?"
A hand went before you to stop you and you did so, looking at your captain, the blush still on your cheeks. You could hear a choked sound from Spock's room and that worsened your blush. To Kirk it looked like you were caught.
"I always thought you had a thing for Bones. Or are you going to play both of them on the trip?"
Kirk winked at you, still not letting you leave. He stepped closer, his hands now on either side of you once you backed up into a nearby wall. He ran a hand through your hair, looking at you with appreciative eyes.
"I wouldn't be surprised if both of them fall for you. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all if I also fall for you soon."
Kirk breath ghosted over your neck. His breath was not as hot as Spock's, but he was also clearly bothered. You said nothing, trying to stay calm as his hips brushed against yours.
"You know, it's kinda hot. You right there, listening to Spock like that in the other room."
You couldn't form words, nowhere to go.
"Jim, you'd pick up any girl-"
"Any girl isn't my favourite commander. If I had to chose anybody on the enterprise, it'd be you."
"I don't want to be some one night fling and ruin our friendship."
"You can't ruin friendship with some casual sex. It only breaks if you expect more from the other. So let's not."
You felt his lips on your neck and you tried to push him away. He let go of you, not willing to hurt you.
"You really don't want to?"
"I don't know! How can you just do that to someone? Is that how you usually pick up girls?!"
You spun away from Kirk and then ran down the hallway. You quickly went down the steps to see McCoy sitting on a worn out couch. He had a book open in front of him, a medical textbook, and his brows furrowed as he absorbed each and ever fact. He cared a lot more for the crew then he'd ever admit to. It was something you had to like about the man.
"Can I sit in here?"
"Why would I say no? It's not even my house."
McCoy sounded distracted and then flipped a few pages back. He did this a few times as you sat down. He bit his lower lip and literally dived for another book.
"Hit a problem?"
"An inconsistency... Damn it, one day I'll write my own medical textbook one this stuff. These people just sit in a class all day and never see half the stuff I do."
"So why don't you?"
McCoy glanced at you as if you were crazy but then the thought settled in his mind.
"Maybe one day, if Kirk keeps the ship out of trouble for a damn week or two and I don't have to keep doing those cursed double shifts."
McCoy grumbled on for awhile but you could tell by the way his blue eyes flickered for a moment that maybe he truly liked the idea.
"And if you do write it, I want the first copy. Signed."
McCoy let a small smirk fall on his lips.
"First copy goes to myself, me, and I."
"Then I get the fourth copy."
You gave a small smile then leaned back on the chair, sprawled out and gave a content sigh.
"Finally, I can sleep all day long without waking up to a red alert."
You closed your eyes and heard the heavy textbook be placed on a nearby table. You felt something get draped on you and you opened your eyes to see his jacket on top of you.
"Hmm, that's cute..."
"I don't wanna hear ya talkin'. Ya overwork just as much as that green-blooded hobgoblin and yer human."
You curled up under the jacket, hiding your smile at his Southern accent which came back full force. It only showed a few times, and since he wasn't exactly about to kill anybody, or hypo somebody into oblivion, you knew it was associated with some good emotions.
You felt his rough fingertips caress your cheek softly, and you opened your eyes slightly to watch him. His fingers were steady as always, running down the physical lines, swooping over your cheekbones down to your neck.
"A nap sounds good right about now."
You thought briefly of Spock in his bedroom- or temporary bedroom, Kirk in the hallway, and now McCoy. Maybe you should have felt concerned, violated, worried even. But you felt like you were glowing.
You shifted slightly on the chair and McCoy slipped onto it, pulling you onto his lap. He swung his feet over one side and you curled up on his chest. His heartbeat was steady beneath your ear, his chest rising and falling in a comforting way.
You raised your head slightly to look at the doctor's expression. He was calm, serene, and also asleep. You kissed the bottom of his chin before closing your own eyes. This was a vacation after all.
Fandom: Star trek
Style: reader insert
Main characters (thus far): McCoy, Kirk, Spock
Pairings (thus far): Reader x Kirk, reader x Spock, reader x McCoy

Summary: Shore leave has you, Kirk, McCoy, and Spock staying at Kirk's old childhood home in Iowa for some R&R. So why is every male there using this as a chance to put a move on you?

Warnings: -I gave a vulcan cinnamon. *heh heh heh*
-this involves multiple pairings
-In my head it's TOS, so yeah, Spock and Kirk are more friends then well... whatever the hell it was supposed to be in the 2009 and 2013 into darkness movies.
-some swear words
-some sexual remarks and actions but none major in this chapter
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