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October 1, 2013
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"Remus, where are you going?"
"Out for awhile."
"Is it a full moon?"
James Potter tossed in his bed, still mostly asleep. He had waken up to Remus Lupin leaving the room. The werewolf winced at the first thing which popped into his friend's mind. But, it would make a good cover.
"Make sure you don't get caught..."
Lupin was about to give a thanks for the concern but Potter was already softly snoring once more. Lupin made sure everybody else was still sleeping before slipping out.
The green-eyed youth walked outside under the half-moon, wishing somewhat he was a wolf. Then he wouldn't have this creeping fear that a teacher would scold him on the spot for being out of bed.
The night didn't derive any fear in him though, he himself was now a creature of the night in some ways. He pulled his black cloak closer to him, the night air still unsettling against skin instead of fur. His steps subconsciously sped up.
He began running through the courtyard until he heard speaking. He dove behind a wall and waited for the people to pass. By the sounds of it, it was another group of students desperate not to be caught. Potential fall people if he somehow alerted the teachers awake by a sound or something similar?
He slipped through some corridors until he came to an empty room. He opened the door, the small creak filling the air. He saw a form sitting beneath a window, silver light cast onto them. Lupin had never liked the moonlight before, but he found the scene simply stunning.
He watched for a few moments before creeping up closer, putting his arms around the other student. You reached for his hand and held it tightly as you watched the moon outside. You felt Lupin rest his head on your shoulder, hiding the moon from his eyesight. He didn't want to see it, especially when he was so much happier being focused on another object of radiant beauty. You.


Remus's gaze fell off his friends and looked up at the sky. He could see the moon there even though it was day. It was if the image was burnt into his mind. He let his sights then go lower, past the crumbled wall of the school, the stone still ready to last centuries to come though looked like on push would make it topple over.
A push against it did come, and Lupin only watched the wall. No, it didn't fall. He breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't want any proof of this happening.
"Potter! Leave him be!"
The words were from another student, not teacher, so Pettigrew gave a snicker. Potter took out his wand and taunted it before the dark-haired boy from Slytherin.
"I could mess with you a lot more than what I do now."
Lupin turned now, familiarity in the voice. He saw you holding a wand to Potter's neck, determination in your eyes. You had matured a lot since you became a prefect yourself.
"What do you want to bet I know more tricks then you? And that boy before you, he's the one you taught them to me."
Something flashed in Snape's eyes, Potter couldn't tell what it was. Revenge? Some joy? Relief?
Potter glanced at Lupin and Lupin bit his lower lip briefly. It was friend versus girlfriend.
"She's right, James. We're prefects now anyways."
Potter sneering and let Snape drop to the ground. The boy wasted no time running out of the courtyard and losing himself in the halls of the school.
"You should all be ashamed of yourselves."
Potter rolled his eyes, it was a speech he heard many times before. Lupin stepped towards you only to be greeted by the end of your wand.
"And I thought you'd actually be a decent prefect."
"He was Slytherin-"
"So? I'm not Gryffindor either, but does that mean you go around beating me up? You're becoming cruel, Lupin. And that may just break us up."
You turned and ran back to the school yourself. Lupin bowed his head and crouched down, feeling defeated. Black patted his shoulder as Potter helped him up.
"She'll come back."
"You don't know that..."
"Well, what's your other option, leaving us?"
Lupin stared at the spot where you once were, remembering everything you meant to him. He then gripped Black's arm briefly.


"Agh, I'm already late. Stop it, James!"
"You look like a werewolf already. Your hair is a mess-"
Lupin pulled away from Potter and stepped outside. He instantly slunk out of the moon. He now had worser worries.
"How did I not remember it was a full moon!"
Black raised an eyebrow at Lupin's exaggerations but said nothing. Potter fell quiet, not having a solution. Lupin gave an annoyed scream which pierced the air and made someone else yell at him to shut up from a window. Lupin stepped back into the moonlight then snarled at them. He was far from in a good mood.


His more pleasant mood came back soon though. Even though he was almost an hour late, you were still outside waiting for him. He treaded softly, not trying to alert you.
He laid down on the grass and gave a small whimper. He watched you pull back your hood and stand. He whimpered again and you suddenly had your wand out. He took a small step back and dropped what was in his mouth. He continued to move backwards as you slowly walked forward and read the piece of paper.
"Sorry I couldn't come. I'll explain later. Until then, please pet the wolf. He's friendly."
You sighed and sat down, resting your head on your knees. It seemed like you were stood up once more by him. You felt something curl around you and you ran your hand through the thick coat of the wolf. Lupin was right, it didn't make any shows of violence.
Soon, you were using it as a pillow, the wolf's eyes closed in bliss from the constant petting.
"You know, I don't hate him for this. I just wish he'd tell me why he never comes anymore."
The wolf below you gave another whimpering noise which sounded like it was agreeing with you. You fell asleep under the stars and moon, and after an hour when clouds went over the sky, Lupin picked you up and brought you to your room. He would explain everything when you woke up.


"Honestly, he's like a lost puppy following you around. THIS IS SLYTHERIN TERRITORY, LUPIN!"
Lucius Malfoy shouted out, long and pale hair tied back and arms crossed. Nearby Snape popped in to see what was the matter. He was often with Malfoy, and you were starting to be around them as well. Neither minded, it was Gryffindor students they really had a problem with.
"I just came to say hello."
Lupin gave a small smile, not wanting to start an argument. Malfoy didn't uncross his arms and looked the other way as if allowing Lupin a few moments with you.
"How'd you find me?"
"I- umm... The Marauder map. We finally made it."
"Huh. So why are you here?"
"I missed you. Besides, I have no classes for the next few hours."
Lupin wrapped his arms around you and staid there until Malfoy quite literally threw a textbook at him.
"Get a room. One away from Slytherin."
Lupin merely stuck his tongue out then licked you across the cheek. Malfoy covered Snape's eyes as if an over-protective brother.
"Remus! Not in front of others."
The werewolf didn't pay your words any attention. He kissed you on your jawline before trying to find your lips.
"My god, he's like a little annoying pet. A chihuahua."
That remark was the only thing which broke Lupin's concentration.
"What did you say, Malfoy?!"
"A chihuahua."
Lupin looked like he would tear the other student apart before feeling something metallic go around his neck. He looked down to see a silver chain, a necklace with a small orb-like pendent.
"It's a good luck charm. So you don't get in trouble for all those pranks you do with your friends."
Lupin gave a soft smile, making a mental note to also get you something as a return gift.
"Thank you."
"Now he has a collar to."
This time Lupin yanked Malfoy's hair. The Slytherin teen yelped as Snape gave a small sigh.
Another typical day.


"There's no way I can memorize this in time... Get off my books, Remus."
You stood up and closed the curtains, a small sound of pain being heard as Lupin went back to being human. Transformations were hardly painless. You then brushed the wolf hair off your textbooks and sat back down. You were pulling an all-nighter before an O.W.L. exam. And so far, you couldn't tell the difference between a werewolf and an actual wolf if it killed you.
"It's simple, really. An actual wolf would be scared and not attack until you annoy it. I would eat you up on first site."
Lupin gave you a dashing smile and you smacked him with a nearby textbook.
"It's not helpful for you to be here if you never give me an actual answer."
"Hu-uh, that's the truth, sweetheart."
You tilted your head and Lupin nodded before nipping at your lower lip playfully.
"Werewolves are playful with people not wolves. And we are better kissers then humans."
You rolled your eyes but sat down and listening to his 'lecture', each line punctuated by kisses.


"Remus! Look, I got perfect! I got higher mark on werewolves then you."
Lupin gave you a blank stare before stealing a kiss.
"Did you write about my kissing?"
"No. I wrote that werewolves are more annoying than humans and act like needy dogs."
"... Next guy you date, it better be a vampire."
"Don't say that! I like dogs much better."
Lupin blushed as various people looked at him oddly. You merely smiled and wrapped your arms around him as he sighed and calmed down. Oh yeah, he was your pet, boyfriend second. ;)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader
Time era: Marauder era
Requested by: AnimeLover594
~ means a pause/ time skip
~#~ means a new little story. There are 5 of these.
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