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September 15, 2013
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"Did I just...?"
Kirk looked over your shoulder then hummed.
"Spock, you're getting worse at this."
You suddenly grinned, happiness flooding you. You finally beat Spock, the unbeatable at 3-D chess.
"I won~! I actually won! Sulu, Chekov, Bones~!"
You ran off to go tell everybody you could, Spock following you with his eyes. Kirk looked over the chess board then let a small smile slip over his lips.
"You let her win."
"That wouldn't be logical, captain. The object of the game is to win."
Kirk gave a knowing nod then stood up to leave.
"But love tends not to be."
Spock didn't answer, watching you smile and laugh with the others. Perhaps he wasn't the best to make you happy through emotions, but nobody could say he didn't try in his own small ways.

Sweat was still covering your face when you stepped out into the hall. You wiped your brows and tried to stop panting. Your face was flushed slightly and Kirk stopped before you. His mouth then dropped open.
"Were you in Spock's room?"
"Yeah... It's way too hot in there. Damned Vulcans..."
You took in a breath of cool air, trying to cool off. Spock always kept his room temperature around Vulcan standard. Last you checked, Vulcan was mostly a dessert.
Kirk though, couldn't get over how you looked. Panting, flushed, sweaty, looking like you just made love with his science officer.
"I'm sure... Is Spock inside?"
"He's sleeping right now. I tired him out."
You gave a small smile at Kirk before leaving. Kirk just looked on in disbelief before quickly returning to the bridge. He had to make sure he wasn't in another mirror verse.
Meanwhile, Spock slept next to a mountain of paperwork and PADDs. Kirk was later seen double checking all present stats. When Scotty asked, Kirk just murmured something about the impossible and mirror verses.

"Commander Spock, thank you."
It was one of those typical ceremonies which one had to go through on this obsolete alien culture. Thanks all around. Even to your own crew mates. It was actually sweet, except Spock was in no way willing to shake hands.
"Come on, Spock, they'll never make an alliance unless we do this ceremony. For the greater good, here."
You spoke the words in a soft tone, Spock hearing them all especially well because of his Vulcan hearing. He still didn't bring his hands forward from behind his back.
"Such formalities are not suited for Vulcans."
"Well, they're suited for these aliens. So suck it up. Shake hands. Spock, the last planet we were at, I had to do some things with McCoy which I'm not going to ever speak of again."
A small shiver ran down your spine at the memory. Some aliens were adaptable for human needs. Some, not so much. This was a rather decent race. But Spock was now drawing some attention for the lack of well, shaking hands.
"I suppose you are correct. Personal comfort is a sacrifice we often must make. Shall I do the action in human gestures?"
"Fine. Just hurry."
You expected him to shake hands. What other 'human gesture' could he be possibly talking about in this situation?
Your mind froze when his lips pressed against yours lightly and all-too quickly.
"You did tell me to hurry."
And then Spock left the ceremony as you weakly shook another's hand. Next time, you would tell him to take all the time in the world.

If anybody on the bridge thought the world was beautiful from space, they had to see it from the ground. Translucent plants shimmering with rainbows, a silver sky and floating purple bubbles of mist. Overhanging trees with ripe colourful fruit and small spouts of mist from a form of underwater volcanoes.
You were breathless.
"It's gorgeous."
You spun around to see all of it at once. A rainbow of metallic beauty.
"This planet does contain forms of life which are similar to the fifth colony of a race of species known as-"
"Spock, can't you just call it pretty?"
"That does not note any observations needed for our scientific survey. It's opinion, not fact."
You sighed, looking at the half-Vulcan with a bit of a pleading expression.
"Then tell me your opinion. Please, just this once."
Spock glanced around, tried to remember human phrases used at a time like this. What could he tell you which would satisfy you? Then, something popped into his mind. A truth which was the reason he also wasn't gushing about the beauty of the planet.
"It may look tempting, but it looks as nowhere pleasing as you."
And that was Spock's only observation which didn't make it into the after-mission reports. But it was the one you remembered the most later while you sat down to fill in those reports.

"Spock, how's your zero-gravity training coming along?"
"I took the suggested dosage at the academy, sir."
You glanced at Kirk and Spock before meekly trying to reach for a non-floating object. You were spinning, bumping into things, and a few drops of your blood was now a bubble shifting through the air.
"Good. Then save our commander before she loses anymore blood."
You gave Kirk a thankful smile, and Spock expertly managed to go beside you. He braced his feet against the wall and one hand grabbing a nearby seat as he hooked his other arm around your waist. The spinning force transferred to him but he didn't seem to move much in any sort of spinning motion.
His head though felt much different. So did his skin where you were pressed against him. He kept you firmly against him, perhaps too much but nobody seemed to notice. You gripped the half-Vulcan tightly as to not float away.
This was the first time in a zero-gravity environment that you felt pleased to have no training in such. This way, you could be saved by your own hero. The half-Vulcan science officer. And Spock was just as pleased.
Another for the style of 5 short fics.
Done so far (in this style): Chekov, Sulu
On the drawing board: Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, and another Chekov (due to request).

Author's note: I'm not that fond of how some of these turned out, some seem a little forced. But, here they are... Please review~! The more reviews, the more I write :)

Pairing: Spock x reader
Fandom: Star Trek
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