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September 7, 2013
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As a permanent bridge member U.S.S. Enterprise, the flagship of Starfleet, you were an important person. Boldly going where nobody had gone before. To complete boredom in warp 5. No Klingons, no emergencies of any sort, and still in Federation space.
You started double checking everything at your station. You studied some. You asked both Scotty and McCoy if they needed any help. They were doing fine. Honestly, whenever Kirk was sleeping, nothing interesting ever happened. It was some type of curse. Your sleeping schedule was the opposite of his most days. You hardly got a comfortable sleep in the past week or two because of his knack for getting into trouble. Your alarm clock had become the sound of a red alert.
Anyways, you started tapping your fingers near the buttons before stretching them. You then remembered Spock giving the Vulcan salute to a group of aliens the day before. You remembered what it looked liked and tried to reproduce the effects.
Your fingers didn't want to separate while keeping the other fingers together in pairs. You tried over and over again until you finally managed it. Now... Which hand should you do it with? Spock did it with his right hand, but you had only made your left hand do it. And the moments you let go of your fingers, they tried to go back in their original- and more comfortable- positions.
You gave a deep sigh and went back to trying. Nearby Sulu muffled a yawn into his arm and made minor adjustments to the ship's course. Mostly to keep himself occupied. Since there was no enemies anywhere, your job was to do nothing more than be ready.
When you managed it you raised your hand with a proud "ah-hah". Sulu glanced sideways at you then gave a small smile.
"Vulcan salute? Isn't that Mr. Spock's thing?"
"I've seen humans do it before..."
You shrugged, your response vague. Sulu shrugged back and went back to the console before him. A shadow was soon over your hands and you glanced upwards. You saw Spock and instantly blushed, looking sheepish.
"Did I insult you? I didn't mean to-"
Spock merely held out his hand in a perfect Vulcan salute for you to mimic. You did so and showed it to him.
"Don't die and prosper?"
To your right Sulu snickered to himself. You glared lightly at him and Spock didn't look at all insulted. Then again with his expression, he could have been sobbing on the inside and you wouldn't know.
"Live long and prosper."
"Oh, that does sound nicer. Live long and prosper, Sulu."
You turned to show it to him and he asked one question which had been also bugging you for awhile.
"Prosper as in be healthy or strong, or have money? Because we don't use money in Starfleet."
"Um... Very true... Mr. Spock?"
You turned to the half-Vulcan who raised an eyebrow at Sulu's question.
"It is not supposed to be given in English. Dif-tor heh smusma."
You looked down at your hand still in a Vulcan salute, mouthing the words. You then felt confident enough to give it a try.
"Dif-tor heh smusma, Mr. Spock."
"It's pronounced Spohkh."
You tried but the name simply couldn't be properly sounded out by you.
"It's illogical that humans must apologize for things they cannot mentally or physically do. It is no way personal fault."
Sulu's commentary was murmured but you two still heard it.
"He accepted your apology. But don't say thanks back."
You bit back your instinctive response and gave Spock a light smile.
"So, how did I do?"
"Repeat this then, T'hy'la."
"Dif-tor heh smusma, T'hy'la."
You showed him the Vulcan salute and the faintest tint of green went over his cheeks. He then lightly pressed his hand to yours. You looked up at him, unsure what he was doing.
"Thank you,"
The half-Vulcan spoke the words he just claimed he didn't understand before walking back to his station. Sulu hummed something in an amused tone and showed you a PADD. You looked at it, read the information listed on Vulcans, and then blushed yourself. A Vulcan kiss? Spock just kissed you?!
"You and Mr. Spock just did that in front of the entire bridge."
Before you could respond Kirk's voice filled the air between you and Sulu.
"Did what?"
"They kissed. Vulcan-style."
Kirk gave a playful grin and you covered your face with your hands.
"Oh, and he made her call her T'hy'la. Do you know what that means, captain?"
You glared at Sulu who merely smiled wider.
"It could mean brother among things... But also lover. Careful, Vulcans are territorial."
"You are both lying now."
You crossed your arms before feeling a warmer than human hand on your cheek. You glanced upwards at Spock as he spoke in what could be called a slightly more sincere voice.
"Perhaps I should have shown you in your own custom... my darling,"
And then those Vulcan lips touched yours. You had suddenly found a much better way to beat boredom. A laughing Sulu and Kirk had to agree.

Spock x reader (Vulcan Salute)by Fate4Destiny

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / General / Short Stories©2013-2014 Fate4Destiny
Fandom: Star Trek (TOS or 2009 or 2013)

Pairing: Spock x reader

Genre: romance, fluffiness, a source of Sulu's amusement

A/N: ever since a little kid, I could do the Vulcan salute. Spock and Bones were my favourite characters, so naturally, I still seem to resort to McCoy-like insults then anything else my class says. "Damn it, man" slips out more than any other insult people my age use. It's the ONLY 'bad' word I use, to be exact... Anyways, my little siblings couldn't do it, so I showed them how. It took quite a bit of practice for them, but, gave me this story idea.

About the picture: I don't own it, but found it suitable. It's when McCoy asks Spock how to do the Vulcan salute.
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