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September 27, 2013
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The first thing you noticed upon being the U.S.S. Enterprises's acting captain was the chair. It was centrally located, rather comfortable and you could perch from all angles from it- good when you were playing the part of captain when weeks went by of nothing of any excitement. And if there was excitement, Kirk would come strolling up and taking the spot himself.
When you spoke to anybody on that large view screen, they immediately looked at you. The person who sat in the seat of power. The feeling was worth in and of itself for all those years ranking up. You were in the captain's seat of Starfleet's flagship. You could do basically anything you wanted.
And yet you found yourself soon getting tapped lightly in the back of your head by McCoy.
"Hey, I'm being the captain here. Do you just smack Kirk around like that?"
The doctor let an amused smile slip over his lips.
"Of course. I don't play favourites." Meaning you would be subjected to him and his antics. If not worse since he still felt you were a child in comparison to Kirk when it came to experience. But like Chekov, you had tremendous talent.
McCoy then placed a hand on the back of your neck and trailed it downwards, steady and rough hands searching and ever so slightly kneading.
"You're going to get neck problems like that, captain,"
The title was said with haughty humour and you looked away from where a smirk was surely on the good doctor's lips. He let his hands slip away from the brief examination before following your gaze to find out exactly what you had been staring at.
For the chair being so 'centrally' located, it was hard to see the engineering and science station. And you would at times look over each crew member. Sulu and Chekov were easy enough, Uhura required a little noticeable glance to your right. But to see the others, you had to either look back at a ridiculous angle or face backwards while on your knees. The second gained more attention so you stuck to getting potential 'neck problems' as McCoy put it.
"The hobgoblin?"
You knew McCoy's various nicknames for the half-Vulcan science officer, and tried not to show anything. Spock obviously didn't rub off on you enough as a faint blush went over your cheeks.
"Mr. Sulu, ETA?"
"Eight hours and twenty two minutes."
You collapsed deeper in your chair. Looks like you couldn't use that as an excuse to avoid McCoy's questions. The doctor leaned over your chair briefly to whisper something in your ear.
"Does Jim know?"
"No. It's personal at the moment. Anything else, doctor?"
You almost hissed the word, stopping just short and letting it leave your lips in a raspy word. The man didn't look ready to move as his breath now touched your ear. He laid a small kiss on the tip, more a nip with his lips.
"He's not human. There's certain things he can't offer."
The touch of his lips on your ear made you even more confused with the CMO. You and Spock had a long standing relationship during the time you two served together. You, like Kirk, seemed to act as mediator between McCoy's emotions and high moralities, and Spock's logic and statistical knowledge. Did McCoy mean anything by that? Or just subtle proof over what humans could do in a relationship rather than Vulcans?
The doctor stood and took his leave, and when you heard the faint swishing noise, you felt free to glance once more at Spock.
He was still working on whatever stole his attention away. As acting captain,... you still had no idea what that was.
You stood up and began to walk over towards Spock. You knew sometimes Chekov froze up when people did this, so you didn't try to disguise it as looking over everybody's shoulder.
Once you stepped beside him, Spock glanced upwards at you, face monotone and still.
"Is there a problem, commander?"
Yes, you thought. You and Spock had been 'dating' for almost eight months and you weren't even sure if he called that friendship or not. Kirk was called Jim by him, and you still got your full title.
"No. Just checking on your progress..."
You added the last word and the 'r' to 'you' after a small pause, making it sound a little clipped. You knew if anybody could get their job done, it was Spock. You didn't want to show any distrust in him, and you weren't sure if he could understand curiosity.
You leaned closer to him slightly and breathed some words near his ear, not wanting anybody else on the bridge to hear you.
"Sorry for distracting you. Can we talk later?"
If Spock had to learn anything in the last eight months, it was that 'talk' meant many things, none exactly 'talking'. He also found that most humans used the word in a broader, more general sense. Kirk even used it when talking to other alien captains, and they seemed to understand the definition perfectly. It took Spock awhile to adapt to that.
"My quarters, 21:00."
Spock said even that without his voice changing a single bit. As if he was just reporting another piece of scientific information. You reached down and took his hand from the various buttons. His other hand froze, and he glanced at you with an eyebrow raised. He never knew you to do that, handle him in any way in public, especially on the bridge.
This may have been because you were not Vulcan, and therefor it didn't change many things in you like a kiss on the lips would. But you pressed two fingers against his on an angle. You held them there for a considerable length of time before slipping them away and returning back to the captain's chair.
You tried to stay with an expression of calmness as you sat in your seat. A Vulcan kiss may not mean the same thing to you, but, it still meant some things.
"Commander, may I speak with you in private?"
You turned to see Spock with the faintest hue if green on his face as if he was blushing- but it was still faint. You stood up and glanced at Sulu.
"Mr. Sulu, you have the conn..."
You then followed Spock into the turbo lift. The half-Vulcan pressed a button and the elevator-like device seized any movements then just closing the doors. You were about to question the action before feeling a hand go behind your head. You didn't even have time to face Spock properly when his lips went on yours. You were shocked to say the least, and went to reach out to him. He took your other hand in his, running his fingers over it in a messy Vulcan kiss.
His lips on yours were moving slowly, longingly, slightly unknown in what to do. His mouth was searing hot, his skin always at a higher temperature than any human. You weren't to sure what he was doing. Giving you the same treatment back? Kissing you while you were unable to respond, a mirror to what happened on the bridge?
Then why was he also using his hand? Those deft fingers which traced over each of your own, never fully pulling away as they slid down to the centre of your palm. He rubbed a circle in the centre with his thumb, and you opened your mouth slightly to take a breath in. His tongue moved into your mouth, rubbing against your own. When his fingers pulled away he traced his tongue over your lips.
He went through various hand motions, trying to show you the equivalent kisses. To show you just what you had done to him on the bridge. Your legs felt weak and you shifted to lean against the metal wall behind you. He stepped forward to make sure you couldn't escape, your other hand going behind his head and down to his neck. You traced meaningless, loopy circles in a soothing motion. That didn't seem to dull down the fire of the kisses.
It was experimental, he was tasting you as he was trying to see what he could do with his mouth. He pressed lightly against you, looming over you, asserting his higher rank and height. Your hand slipped off the back of his neck to grab the front of his blue uniform's shirt and pull him closer.
He broke off from your lips just as his hand went to your wrist. You took in a deep breath of air, needing it. One lingering finger still travelled higher and suddenly a wet heat was on your upper neck. You could hardly focus on his fingers anymore as his tongue drew a line downwards. The cool air hit the wet streak and his fingers went over the top of your uniform. It traced quickly to the base of your neck where he pressed his face to. He breathed in himself against your skin, revelling in the still warm but cooler heat humans had. It was soothing to him, refreshing. As if he had found one of Vulcan's (the planet's) few water bodies in the dead of the night.
Your heart pounded heavy in your chest, lips numb and wet from Spock. You quivered and slid slightly downwards. His hands quickly went on your hips, holding you up properly with his above-human strength.
When your breathing fell back to normal parameters, he slowly let his hands go off your body. He straightened up, hands going behind his back as usual. You raised one sleeve to wipe his mouth from the wet marks and he raised an eyebrow slightly at the action. You ignored his slight confusion and resentment he showed it that action before fixing the collar of his shirt which you had pulled on before.
Once he was back to his perfect state you fixed yourself up, looking down at your hand and laying a small touch of your tongue to your lips. The door opened and Spock walked out. The doors staid open for you, you were much too close for the sensors not to notice you.
You stepped inside and Sulu slunk back to his seat at navigation, quickly typing and pressing various buttons. You slid back into the captain's chair as Spock went back to his own research at the science station.
Well, back to the usual business as captain- well, acting captain- of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Waiting for trouble to pop up and until then, be bored.

Spock x reader -cultural kissesby Fate4Destiny

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Teen / Short Stories©2013-2014 Fate4Destiny
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Spock x reader, some McCoy x reader
Warnings: kissing

Note: this was originally part of a longer story, hence McCoy's little act...

Not beta'd... So please tolerate mistakes made
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purplediamon3071 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
I can't stop reading this, I've read this like five times already at separate times and I just can't explain what it's doing to my feels.
rainschild1 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Wow I would love to read the rest of this story.
XArellaxDarkraiX Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Yes. Just-I don't even-yes.
violetsonamy777 Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Student Artist
me: -blushing like a madman-
spock: -shyly blushing-
jim; -wtf just happened between you guys-
skyy-uchiha Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
I was thinking the exact same thing! Kirk would pester Spock about it for weeks probably.
MoonFlamesd Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And Spock would be the emo guy he is and just T_T his way through it....
violetsonamy777 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student Artist
lol true!
skyy-uchiha Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
and poor Spock would still tell him nothing XD
violetsonamy777 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student Artist
JellicleGirl Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
And Kirk would be so frustrated because Spock wouldn't tell him.
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