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October 8, 2013
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Step-brother Spock x reader
Some McCoy x reader

"T'hy'la, we came to see Spock. She can wait. She is not expecting us and is busy with her own affairs."
"I'm worried, Sarek. We haven't seen her since she left last year."
"She still communicates with you on a weekly basis."
"I'm a mother. I can worry."
"And logically you keep your worries for Spock to yourself?"
The comment makes Amanda bow her head just slightly, Sarek seeing that she's blushing.
"He is embarrassed easily by my show of love."
Sarek doesn't say anything, but offers a comforting repeat of her name. Amanda smiles lightly at it, taking his arm as they proceed down the hall. Sarek will never have the heart to tell her that as Spock has taken up the Vulcan way, she may not embrace him in all the hugs and kisses she had done when Spock was a child. Amanda firmly believes it doesn't matter if he picked up Surak's philosophy or is the first officer to Starfleet's flagship, Spock is still her son. Amanda is very much the emotional one of the family.
"I don't see him..."
Sarek's own eyes look through the crowd of ambassadors and starfleet personal of high authority. They received a message that Spock would be around for a debriefing while the Enterprise is scheduled for some repairs.
Of course, Amanda can't contain her excitement as she spots her son. Nor can Spock hide the fact he just stiffened beside Kirk and the tips of his ears turn green. Sarek is absolutely silent, but holds Amanda's hand. It isn't a sign of comfort, it's physically restraining her from running across the room to see her son. There are already a handful of diplomats or Starfleet personal who recognize Sarek who shot him questioning gazes. Now, Sarek has a rule about this. As a Vulcan, he cannot be embarrassed. But Spock is half human and may be so. Therefor, Sarek is simply helping Spock. And also, somewhere deep down, Sarek wants to see Spock at the same time as his wife and perhaps, just a little bit, save his dignity along the way.
Spock moves away from Kirk and strides towards them, meeting them halfway.
"Mother, father. Are you here on your work, father?"
Amanda doesn't let Sarek reply as she steps forward and smiles fondly at her son.
"Spock, how are you feeling?"
It's a dreaded question which Amanda keeps placing on her son. Spock holds his composure as he answers rather monotonously. It's always the same reply, after of course, he learnt how to humanly answer this question while still keeping his emotions hidden.
"I feel fine, mother."
This pleases Amanda though, as if it wasn't some barricade Spock puts up. She reaches out and taps Spock's shoulder, once more Sarek's brief touch keeps her from hugging him right then and there.
"We decided perhaps we could spend some time together."
"That would not be an effective use of time. I must report in 21 minutes to th-"
"Alright. But I wish to spend some time with my son before I don't get to see you for a few years."
And then, Spock does a very human thing. He gives in towards his mother, as most human children do.
"As you wish, mother."
Sarek may have tried to teach Spock how to be Vulcan, but Amanda's lessons are the ones who became instinct in most places.
Spock dismisses himself and Sarek gives him a small nod. Spock returns it a little more visibly and soon he has joined Kirk again who clearly likes the idea of his first officer 'running to mommy and daddy'. Amanda seems to like this idea even more.
"Now can we see her?"
"As you wish, T'hy'la."
And now it's Sarek who is more or less having to stop Amanda from displaying her emotions on him.


"Captain, this is hardly evidential."
If there was a moment when you seemed fully Vulcan, it had to be now. Even as a child, regardless of a complete lack of knowledge of Surak's teachings, you embraced logic. Sherlock Holmes, quantum mechanics, you were hungry for knowledge and a little of a 'schizoid' as judged by human doctors. You had found your perfect calling.
In your job, it wasn't just facts you had to deliver though you were an excellent debater, and Sarek tried hard to make you an even better diplomat. Sometimes he felt that he failed in that matter. You had your opinions, almost always based on human emotions, and you would defend them all day and night if you had to. Any compromise in the household when you were there was rather tense.
Investigating, coming up with the findings, your human nature satisfied by 'justice', your work based on logic. There had been various times you assisted Sarek in his work and came out victorious to the highest degree. Sarek would undoubtedly always be proud of his children. Regardless if they grew up on Earth or Vulcan, or what side of their ancestry they chose to adopt the most.
"Upon arriving at the bridge, my first officer informed me we were attacked. I have to take his word for such things."
"Your first officer lied to you. He was emotionally compromised and yet you still let him onto the bridge. That is the charges at hand. His own punishments will be discussed at a later time. Do you admit, captain, that your first officer- regardless of how well he could complete his job- was emotional to a personal extent on this mission?"
"Y- yes."
You bowed your head slightly, nodding. You walked back to your place behind a long table with others. The head, more or less judge, of the meeting made the final judgement. The meeting was adjourned.
"Hey, found your favourite ambassador."
You glanced at your co-worker before looking up at the mostly empty seats around the room. You then saw Sarek and Amanda near the back entrance. You waved at them before collecting your folders and putting them in a satchel you placed over a shoulder. You then climbed the stairs, trying not to run towards them.
"You should have told me you'd be here. I would have made a cake. Sugar induced."
You gave Amanda a smile which she gladly returned.
"Are you all done work?"
"Nah. One more case. Captain James T. Kirk. He's quite a legend. So I'm somewhat glad you brought Sarek along. Because the charges are being placed on both him and a Mr. Spock. Because that's Sarek's son, isn't it?"
Sarek nodded. You had never met Spock before, but knew of him. You weren't sure he knew of you though. You were Sarek's younger daughter, never meeting the man until Amanda found out and adopted you. Sarek had no idea your mother passed away. It had been her wishes, as a human, that she kept you on Earth. Sarek was told never to interfere. Amanda was the one who brought a half-human, Earth raised child to Vulcan. That lasted a few months before she realized you were rather incompatible with the dessert climate. Sarek was away on diplomatic missions at those times, too dangerous for you to join them so Amanda staid home to watch you.
That had been some of the only time you spent on Vulcan. After that, Amanda and Sarek moved to Earth for the few years it took you to get into Starfleet's academy, still underaged and a prodigy child. Many blamed it on the fact you were a Vulcan. But Sarek and Amanda knew that had nothing to do with it. A vulcan child only could succeed like you did based on ancestry if they had Surak's teachings. You didn't.
"Spock is my second son, yes. He still does not know of your existence. There had been no chance for you two to meet. He always was on the Enterprise when you came into the family."
"And it was too much work to send him a single message? Sarek, you sometimes act so rude."
You pouted and Amanda hugged you. If Sarek was human, he would have rolled his eyes. Of course he would get insulted and Amanda would then take her hug. According to Murphy's law, it made logical sense.
"It's only bad news that you have to meet Spock while trying to put him in jail."
"Mom~, I never put anybody in jail. And Kirk is being charged, Spock's just a witness. And Kirk will maybe get a smudge on his record. That's it. That man has so many, nobody will notice one more. So, any advice for dealing with my step-brother?"
Here was where Sarek could interrupt.
"He follows Surak's teachings and hides his human nature."
"So, we're the opposite. Vulcan-raised, Surak worshipping child... Does he eat sugar?"
Sarek shook his head and you sighed.
"Oh well, I'm sure we'll get along fine. Unless you do not wish for us to meet? I have already refused to meet the family of my birth mother. To neglect the family of my adoptive family... It's up to you, Sarek."
"You do not need my permission. I will not speak of it to Spock and allow you to make the decision."
"Thank you, I'll see how it goes first. Perhaps he'll not want a sibling. We both don't spend much time anywhere near the other."
You sighed and Amanda took your hand as any mother would.
"You'll be fine. He's understanding. He's also half-human. He's gone through many similar struggles as you have."
"Hardly. I was born and raised on Earth. I was accepted. Those few short months that I was on Vulcan, they wanted me to go through Nath-Pal-Nahr. I would have been declared vrekasht. Outcasted because I had emotional outbursts as a child. I could show both sides of my being. He could only show one. He had the worse time."
Something in your voice must have betrayed you because Amanda kissed the top of your head.
"Both of my children had childhoods which I wished them not to have. Spock being mentally outcasted, you growing up alone. But, let's not dwell on the past. You two have come a long way. You two are among the most respected members of Starfleet. So, make us proud, my darling daughter."
You gave a smile, nodded, and turned away. Before you left though you stopped and turned back.
"Peace and long life, father."
"Live long and prosper, my daughter."
With another smile you left your parents, which they would always be regardless of blood relation or not.


"Captain James T. Kirk, are you aware of the charges being placed on you."
"I am."
"Do you wish to defend yourself?"
"I do."
"Do you wish to claim innocence?"
"I do."
"Are you willing to admit guilt if, and only if, these charges are true?"
"I am."
"Then questioning shall begin. You were onboard the bridge at 0700 ship standard time at stardate..."
As you ran through the usual rules you noticed Spock. He stood tall, stiffly even, beside Kirk. His arms were behind his back, a step right and behind Kirk, a traditional place of power for the right hand. He was listening intently to every word. He was also the only person you seemed to notice at that meeting. A little Surak went a long way to multi task, wether human or Vulcan. Spock's brown eyes were alert, almost protective to some degree over his captain. His eyelids were dark, his lips redder than perhaps you would have expected at that moment. You would admit now, and only now, if you two had not been related, perhaps you'd try to befriend this man who shared your ancestral division of human and Vulcan.
"I believe your conclusion to be illogical."
You turned to stare at Spock, and tilted your head as a silent message for him to continue.
"And how's that, Mr. Spock? I presented the facts and this is the only possibility."
"Perhaps your frame of mind was limited then."
Something pulses in your mind. A rush of perhaps anger at this man. Limited frame of view? From a fully Vulcan (as far as his entire philosophy went)?
"What do you mean?"
"If the captain knew previously that he could indeed save the ship, it was not a risk to a degree needing of charges."
You bit your lower lip briefly.
"You told your captain there was only a 2% chance-"
"2.453% chance-"
"He'd make it back alive. There was a seventy percent chance that he would infect the rest of the crew with this disease upon any form of contact."
Spock stared at you with what best could he described as a glare by Vulcan standards. He was truly not going to befriend you in any way now. This was logic vs logic. Someone's entire way of thinking was wrong.
"My captain was only in contact with me. Vulcan's are immune to the disease."
"Mr. Spock, wether you realize this or not, you are half human. This disease affects the blood, to which yours is a hybrid compatible to neither a human or Vulcan body. The odds of you contracting the disease are roughly the same as the rest of the crew. And, Captain Kirk did infect several people as told by CMO Leonard McCoy. Do you reject those facts?"
"I claim you are missing information. Those crew members were on the beam down mission."
"And you told them directly to return to their posts though you knew Kirk was experiencing medical problems because of the plant life he had been in contact with."
Spock didn't speak, his eyebrows knitting together ever slightly. You got him. He knew it. Kirk realized it. And after a few minutes the court declared it official.
You left to your office after, the Vulcan not exactly looking like one to enjoy your company after that. Especially not the way his fingers clenched briefly and he apologized to his captain. You also decided not to speak to Sarek or Amanda, as Spock could see you with them.

"You won. And yet you look pissed. You only meditate when you're two steps away from killing somebody. Actually, make that one step."
You flicked the women who came into the room a sign with your hand which wasn't the Vulcan salute.
"No seriously, what's the matter? You just beat the unbeatable duo of Starfleet. They deserved what they got... Is this a Vulcan thing? Since he was also one?"
"Hardly. My people are human, my world is Earth. And I have similarly assigned humans much worse punishments for their breaking of Starfleet and Federation laws. This is because I made a mistake. I should have known what he was going to throw at me."
You stood up, the lights coming back to their full shine at your voice command. You then leaned back on your chair and sighed.
"I hate Vulcans-"
"If that is your opinion, I must ask for a further understanding of it."
You quickly sat up properly and gave Sarek a motion for him to come inside. Your cheeks tinted a bit pink- your blood was iron-based- and dismissed the women, a mutual friend of yours.
"I didn't mean to insult you. I was simply upset..."
"Amanda shall always be the one who is best at these things, my daughter."
For Sarek to call you his daughter instead of your name was the extent of hugging you for Vulcan standards. You rested your head on your arms at your desk, muffling your reply.
"But? You always let mom give me advice. So what's yours?"
"Logically speaking," You were thankful Sarek couldn't see you roll your eyes. "You were both simply doing your jobs. This does not have to interfere with any relationship between you two."
"He hates me. Ever had a Vulcan glare at you?"
"I remember plenty of time where I showed various disappointment in you."
Your lips slipped upwards at the memory. Sarek would always be able to give you one stern look, just a hint of emotion in his posture or eyes, and you'd be running to Amanda. You wondered if Spock had been the opposite.
"Sar- father, I don't know if I want to meet him. We have nothing in common. We are against what the other is for. He'd probably think of me as someone who failed all Vulcan ways."
You looked up slowly at Sarek who was now sitting down across from you.
"Did I ever tell you of your mother?"
"No. Just the facts. Mo- Amanda said she was a beautiful women and you told me of her career."
"Then I shall tell you of her emotions. That would probably be what you wished to know the most of."
You gave a nod and Sarek motioned to the ground before standing up. You sat kneeling before him as he crossed his legs as if meditating. He then brought his hands together.
"Your mother-"
"Birth mother."
"My daughter, your 'birth' mother cared greatly for everybody she knew. You cannot base her love for you due to her lifespan."
"Cannot or may not?"
"... Father, I am old enough to know so please stop hiding the facts from me. I know I was born to a women you were not married to. I was born when you were with Amanda. So, please just tell me what happened. Were you drunk? Was she drunk-?"
"Those are not questions you should ask."
You sighed and leaned your head upwards for a moment before bowing your head onto the ground.
"Please, please, tell me. Please? Daddy?"
You looked at Sarek with a begging expression but he did not seem to be affected by it.
"Like I said, Amanda was better at this. But it would be illogical to hide from you what is your only link to your human side. Your birth mother and I, were working together. She was an Earth ambassador. We were many light years away from Earth but she was returning there to spend the rest of her years. You already know you were born on Earth. I was, as you said, drunk-"
"I knew it."
"But I did see likeable traits in her beforehand."
"Was she a slut? Tell me, Sarek."
You leaned your head on your hand and thought you saw a bit of emotion flash in your father's eyes. More or less exasperation. You couldn't stop the smile which just as quickly flashed on your face due to his small show of emotion.
"It was, as humans say, a 'one night fling' while we drank copious amounts of alcoholic beverages."
"Was it pon farr? Can Vulcans mate when they're not in pon farr?"
The tip of Sarek's ears turned green ever so faintly. It was the first and only time you saw him blush but save once. When you were younger and ran to him and hugged him, calling him 'daddy' before a group of ambassadors and other highly respected people. He had been in the middle of a speech that time.
"No and yes. It is against or teachings though. Did Amanda not teach you that?"
"No. Amanda doesn't know herself. You two didn't have much of a love life. And besides, it's a Vulcan secret. How am I supposed to know this? What if I want to mate with a Vulcan? Shouldn't I know this?"
All those questions were just to see if Sarek would blush some more. He didn't but stuttered the tiniest bit on his words.
"You are too young."
"I'm not."
You whined and Sarek stood up, ready to take a walk to clear his mind. He feared meditation may not work this time.
"You are if you whine. You should ask Amanda if you have questions of the... sexual matter."
Sarek was about to leave but you called out once more.
"What was my mother's favourite drink? You must know that at least."
"She hated Vulcan brandy but enjoyed some concoction of gespar and vodka. She also, like you, would happily down a cup of Vulcan mocha in the morning. She to claimed I never made it sweet enough though."
You gave a small laugh as Sarek left. That sounded somewhat like you. You made a note to try gespar with vodka though. That fruit was your favourite out of most Vulcan dishes.
You stood up and looked at the computer, wondering if today would be the day you'd look up your mother's information. You decided not to. A sweet-mocha loving women who got Sarek drunk on vodka and gespar would take awhile to get used to. More or less for the idea Sarek got drunk. Maybe you should have listened to your father and become an ambassador, it sounded like fun.

"Vulcan mocha. Extra sweet. Your father mentioned you may want a cup."
You smiled up at Amanda and took a sip of it.
"Hmm, one day I have to find an excuse to visit Vulcan. Claim to be an ambassador for a day or something..."
"You could always come home with Sarek and I for awhile."
"Wouldn't want to drag your reputation even further down... Shouldn't you be offering this to Spock?"
"He's doesn't like sweet foods, much like his father. And I thought since you had some time off, we could go to that bakery you keep speaking of. It's hard to find sugar on Vulcan. Some mother and child bonding time. Spock would never say yes to me."
"Then I will."
You smiled at Amanda before walking in the bakery's vague direction with the women you called your mother.


"My son, you decided to visit."
Sarek met with Spock in the halls who was standing before the Starfleet quarters given to Sarek and Amanda. Sarek unlocked the door before entering. Spock followed.
The first thing both noticed was the faint smell of vodka and Amanda's scorning tone, one she hardly used.
"So you just downed an entire bottle of vodka?"
"I'm half Vulcan. It's not that bad. I'm fine. See? Fine-"
There was the sound of something crashing and both Sarek and Spock were in the bedroom. Spock caught someone falling, much to Amanda's hope their first meeting would be better.
"So, I'm a little tipsy. But I made an important discovery."
You pouted, your words slurring slightly. Amanda motioned for Spock to put you on the bed and he did so.
"And would that be?"
"It would take me more than mommy ever drank to sleep with a Vulcan. I still don't like them. And I'm sick of gespar."
You burried your head into your parent's pillows and Amanda looked at Sarek as if this was all his fault. Sarek merely stared back at his wife as if to say 'this was your fault. You raised her to be a human'.
"Sarek, my T'hy'la, how could you allow her to think her mother was an alcoholic-"
Sarek raised his hand to speak but Amanda paid it no mind. She was the one person in this galaxy Sarek could never argue with. A wife was a diplomat's only combatant capable of winning 100% of the time.
"We agreed we'd tell her the story together. You couldn't even explain it to me without making it sound like some drunken one night fling. How did you expect our daughter to handle that news, Sarek? Could she not even have the chance to think that she was orphaned because her mother died? And not from alcohol poisoning."
"Illogical, mother. There are medical advancements to stop alcohol poisoning from killing people. And why do you refer to her as your daughter?"
"You explain that, Sarek."
Amanda shooed both males outside then closed the door. Sarek debated knocking and pleading with his wife. Be a diplomat, he reminded himself.
"She is my daughter with another women. Also human."
"Why wasn't I informed of having another step sibling?"
"We never had occasion to tell you. We adopted her late in her life."
"Adopted? But she was your child."
"She lived with her mother on Earth until her mother died. I wasn't allowed any contact with them, on request of her mother."
Spock didn't say anything, stiffly setting his jaw and putting his hands behind his back to hide the fact they were tensing. He had another sibling. And his parents found it... illogical and unneeded to tell him. Amanda also thought this way.
"Did she know during our court appearance?"
"How long since her mother died and you adopted her?"
"Her mother died when she was two years old. We adopted her while she was fifteen in Terran years. She got into the academy at seventeen. We kept contact with her since."
Spock said nothing. She was left alone for 13 years of her so far short life. She only spent two years with his parents (Vulcans were territorial creatures, after all). That was a rather short family life. And to get into the academy at such a young age was admiral, just like Chekov. She must have studied on Earth though. To never having a link to Vulcans yet still effortlessly linking up logic like she had done. Spock hadn't thought she'd be able to 'beat' him there and then. He didn't expect anybody to.
"I would have... liked to know. To be able to help her in some way, father. Though that is human emotions."
"You may help her now. Amanda probably isn't quite aware of how to help her."
Spock opened the door and stepped inside. He saw you with your head in your hands, your legs in a meditative pose.
"I just can't possible match up to a vulcan. No matter how hard I try."
"Don't blame that on intoxication. Sarek proved that much."
Spock watched a light laugh leave your lips and watched you collapsed back on the bed. Your posture was open, eyes shimmered over from intoxication, lips red and mouth open. A sleepy smile was on your lips, your ears hidden beneath your hair and your blush pink.
He was still staring at you when Amanda noticed.
"Spock, would you like to meet her?"
You sat up, feeling like you were somehow a pet. You tilted your head at Spock and he raised an eyebrow.
"I'm sorry for blemishing your record."
"There is no point in apologizing, I admitted my guilt on the subject."
"Oh... Do you like Vulcan mocha?"
"No. Amanda makes it too sweet for my taste."
You gave a small smile before having to ask the next question.
"Do you like how Sarek makes it?"
"He has never made it for me."
"Good. Because he's terrible at it. Do you like gespar?"
"It's illogical to prefer one food over the other, but I do enjoy more than other fruits."
You nodded and had one more question to ask. A make it or break it question.
"There's paintings in a cave north of the Sarek's family house. Did you make those?"
"Why did you leave a wall blank?"
Spock tilted his head ever so slightly to the left at this question.
"As a child, I wanted the perfect picture."
"Good. Because I drew a picture of Earth there. You were missing it."
Spock didn't say anything and you stood up on the bed. You collapsed on your knees before him and looked up at him.
"I doubt we'll become the best of siblings. You have a starship to board soon. But until then, maybe we can be friends."
"That would be a logical path to take."
You smiled at Spock and Amanda smiled at Sarek who was standing in the doorway. His family was together once more. And even as a Vulcan, he felt some pride in his chest. His children were together for the first time of their lives.


"Um, sorry, I must have gotten the wrong rooms, ambassador."
"I may have who you are looking for, officer."
Sarek made a motion for the admiral to wait a moment then walked into the kitchen where you were drinking mocha. Same hangover cure as your mother. But it was not fond memories to remember at the moment.
"You have a guest, my daughter. A starfleet officer. Redshirt."
"Oh, that must be Josh. I agreed to work with him early this morning. He's a witness to a murder and doesn't want to speak in front of everybody. The first redshirt to witness a murder and not also get killed... I don't have any clean clothes here..."
"You can borrow some of mine."
You looked thankful at Amanda before racing off into the bedroom she shared with Sarek. Amanda then glanced at Sarek.
"I can only imagine the hardships if we had to raise her for more than two years."
"I could not find any hardships to raising her which would be hated."
"Mom! All you have are Vulcan clothes!"
Sarek took a sip of a cup of mocha, trying to look calm as he drank what he disliked the most as a drink simply to look like he was doing something. Amanda didn't buy it.
"Not even one?"
"Hey, mom? Do you think you'll ever move to Earth again? Somewhere with snow? All your clothes are desert made!"
Sarek thanked a decade of training in Vulcan ways to stop him from smiling.
"No, not a single fault."
You then burst out of the room, wearing a Vulcan-like robe of smooth and thin material. You wore it open at the front above a pair of simple black clothes which you snagged from Sarek's side of the closet.
"Alright, tell Spock good morning for me. I'm off. Will you be here tonight."
"We will except for two to six. Sarek has meetings then. Perhaps we'll go out with you and Spock if you two come over later."
"Alright, mom. Bye, ciao, live long and prosper and whatever else~!"
The door closed and Amanda placed a hand delicately on her husband's.
"You do realize you're drinking very sweetened mocha?"
"I have realized much more, my T'hy'la. I have learnt it's also Terran mocha."
Something, the Vulcan thought, was to be appreciated in a female's laugh. Especially Amanda's and yours.
It made him feel at ease.

"So, your the ambassador's daughter, huh?"
"He adopted me for a two years. Get over it. Look around. Everybody in this building is an ambassador or captain or admiral. Being a family member of one doesn't allow access."
You gave Josh a playful smile before leading him up a flight of stairs to your office. Suddenly he reached out and you felt something against your temple. A reflection on a metal door told you it a was phaser.
"Well, looks like I just got a full access card."
You had one thing to say in your mind. You should have asked Sarek to teach you a vulcan nerve pinch. You should paid more attention in hand to hand combat classes. There should have been one called 'what to do when a psycho has a weapon pointed at your head'. Or 'fifty reasons why a vulcan with mind meld capabilities should meld with somebody. Reason number one, in case you're in trouble and all alone with a psycho, you have someone to cry help to'. Honestly, you felt rather hopeless.
"Scream and I'll shoot you."
Just lovely. This wasn't the first time you dealt with attempted murder plots. But they never got easier. You tried to find your focus, it was in your mind somewhere. Your mind went in a slightly meditative state. You didn't exactly have a few hours here to meditate so decided a messy job would do. Find your focus, ground to it, be alert, logic, be logical, no more emotion. Lock them away and think. You weren't exactly a Vulcan who spent their entire life doing such things, so your emotions were still there. But you kept them calm. That was key.
The man pushed your forward and you stepped quickly not to stumble. You could hear his footsteps clearly, made a mental map of the building. Tried to use your Vulcan-enhanced mind to go through every piece of data you could. Who was where and why. Where was security, cameras, people who would be able to help you.
This red shirt wasn't as stupid as he looked. He should be upgraded to yellow. No cameras were on these floors of the buildings. It was too big if a security risk. Guards were posted on the roof, at the entrances, and on the ground floor. Even the skybridge was two stories below you.
"What do you want from me?"
"I want you to shut up. But now, enter your security code."
You looked at the locked door to the upper floor. The meeting level and also had on the Federation's president's offices. You knew he wasn't in and there would be very few meetings if any today. You thought back to your email that morning of the daily schedule. So one meeting between some admirals and a few ambassadors.
You typed in a code flawlessly, the usual long number codes now only consisting of five digits. It would unlock the door, but also send out a security alert. There was a click of something coming out of the door and you placed your hand against it.
"Access accepted."
The door automatically unlocked with three resonating clicks and Josh opened it with one arm, pushing you along with the other.
Security in the building worked on a 'clear the room' basis. Each floor was cleared and locked down before they moved to the other. They started ground up. It could take awhile before they got to you.
"Open this one to."
You put in the same code as before in the door and it opened. The man lowered his arm to hide the gun and you looked inside. The curtains were closed and a projection was reflected onto a wall. Around a round table were multiple people and more standing in the background.
"Now stay silent." Josh hissed in your ear as he slowly pushed you to the back of the room. The phaser was shifted to where a Vulcan heart would be, and you glanced around. You knew quite a few of the admirals, many had combat skill. But you also knew some ambassadors. Including one Sarek, ambassador to Vulcan.
The meeting was simply on a change of legislature for better communications between some planets. Earth, Vulcan, and about twenty or so others. It wasn't exactly what terrorists would be interested in. Logically- damned you hated thinking like this- Josh would want to kill someone. Not demand information. Why he chose you might have nothing to do with it.
You heard Josh hold out a gun, point it at the Vulcan side of the table.
Everybody quickly glanced at you and you winced. You heard dual shots go out before someone nearby caught you. You looked up with blurry eyes to see someone dressed as an admiral before you blacked out.

"My daughter, you're awake."
Your eyes slowly flickered open and you saw Amanda at your bedside.
"Mommy?... Is everybody okay? Josh?"
"Josh was arrested and will be put on trial for attempted murder. The second shot hit nobody. You got lucky, he didn't expect your heart to be where a human's was. It was an old phaser. Bought broken on the black market."
You truthfully missed every third or so word. But you made out Josh was caught, you'd live, nobody else was hurt. That was all that mattered. You weakly nodded at the doctor who reported and he checked some scans nearby.
"Is dad okay?"
"Sarek is fine. He's worried about you though, I can tell. He's outside with Spock."
"Why does Spock care?"
"Because he's your fokimo, your brother."
"He's my half-brother who only met me a day ago while I was drunk after ruining his reputation. I would hate somebody like that."
"You're forgetting. That wouldn't be logical."
You gave another nod, to weak to argue. You reached for the wound, finding red skin there, but nothing else seemingly damaged.
"Did you heal it?"
"Oh yes, I'm not a doctor for anything. It was a large wound, so your skin will still be red and thin there for a few days. I also suggest not moving you, but I got orders from above my rank to let you leave if you have to for work. I will say you must leave in a wheelchair though, and restrain from a lot of physical movement for a week."
"Alright. How big was the wound again?"
The doctor shook his head then pointed at another man further down the medical ward.
"Doctor McCoy's here for debriefing. He's the CMO on the Enterprise. He saw Commander Spock worried over you and managed to actually heal that wound. The rest of us couldn't."
You gave another weak nod and the doctor left after the usual barrage of questions for patients.
"Should I get Sarek?"
"I want to thank that doctor first."
"He's a good man. I don't know if he's Spock's friend or enemy though."
"Probably both. Call him over for me? I don't think I can manage."
Amanda got up and went to the doctor. Soon he was at your bedside, traces of a Southern accent showing through his voice.
"Thank you for helping me."
"Spock was worried about ya. Figured he'd burst some green brain cells the way he was going about it."
"You serve with him, correct?"
"Yeah. Can't say I enjoy it though. He's half-human and still a pain in the ass."
You gave a small laugh at that, your chest hurting at each sound you made. You then flicked your hair to show your own pointed ears.
"I hope you don't think the same of me. Though I'm Earth bred."
McCoy looked shocked but then his face became more relaxed.
"Nah, I think you fall into my category. Never would have guessed if you kept those ears covered. I guess Spock got the Vulcan genes and you got the human ones. If you had a Vulcan organ placement, you'd be dead."
"Yay for human genetics. Now, here's my idea. Ready for it?"
The doctor's lips slip upwards slightly.
"Go for it, darlin'."
"You make sure I don't do anything stupid which will hurt my wound..."
"Dinner sound good?"
"Thank you for asking. I'll take you up on that."
McCoy chuckles slightly as he leans closer to whisper.
"50% of this is to annoy Spock."
"75% of this is because I want information on Spock."
"So, we have about a 50-25% rate of dating people for reasons other than Spock."
"Yup. 5% race, 5% accent, 5% career, and 10% looks. Can you live with that?"
"50% your looks, darlin'. Can you live with /that/?"
"Hmm, I'll survive."
McCoy wrote something on your arm before winking and going off somewhere else.
"You usually pick your men like that?"
You glanced at Amanda who was now back at your bedside.
"He was cute, and I needed info on Spock. Most guys won't look twice at me because they think Vulcan's simply don't sleep with people."
"Those men aren't worth your time then."
"Thanks, but I get lonely. So, let's see daddy... Oh, did I ruin your Vulcan robe?"
"Don't worry about that. I'll get you one of your own."
"Thanks... Any colour?"
"Any colour."
Amanda agreed as she stepped outside the room and soon came back with Sarek and Spock. Sarek instantly looked at you with some sorrow deep in his eyes.
"It was my fault you were harmed, my daughter."
"Don't worry about it. I'm sure Spock gets a brush of death every day on a starship. Let's not play favourites... Besides, he has a very cute doctor."
You smiled at Spock who simply took note of the numbers on your arm.
"You find McCoy a suitable mate?"
"I find him more than suitable. Nobody asked you, Mr. Science officer."
"Doctor McCoy will leave in two weeks with the Enterprise."
"Doesn't matter. All I need is some gespar, vodka, know how to make Vulcan mocha, and have one night of spare time."
Sarek didn't exactly looked pleased at that comment.
"What? Why mess with a plan that works? I'll throw in a shot of Vulcan brandy then or whatever he likes."
"You're too young to mate."
Spock raised an eyebrow at his father. If you lived like Vulcans, you would have mated at least once from events due to pon farr.
"Illogical conclusion, dad. I bet Spock mated before."
"We are not comparing him to you."
"I can't sleep with a guy? Or is because he's human? Because that's a growing trend with you."
You crossed your arms and tried to sit up. You groaned in pain and fell back down on the bed.
"I made a mistake. And I'll admit to it. I don't wish for you to make the same one."
A few tears wet your eyes at that and you looked wide-eyed at him.
"Then why'd you adopt me? If I was a mistake, you could have left me. I'd be fine. I was fine. You left me for so many years, more than a decade. Why'd you do it then?"
"Because you are my daughter and I love thee."
You glanced at Sarek then Amanda then Spock.
"Say it to Spock. Say that you love him."
"He is aware."
"I don't believe that. Tell him."
Something with more authority laced your voice and Sarek turned to his son.
"And I love thee, my son."
Spock's eyes visibly went wider at the words. He stiffened, tensed, but something like pride flickered in his eyes.
"Alright, Spock, say it back. Then hug or something. Whatever Vulcans do."
Spock's ears turned a bit green as he spoke the same as his father with a minor change or two.
"And I love thee, father."
They then stood awkwardly and you glanced at Amanda.
"They just don't this hugging thing, do they?"
Amanda also shook her head.
"They are very emotional, father."
Sarek nodded.
"But they are family, Spock."
"Aww, now they're talking to us like we're tribbles."
"What's a tribble?"
"This cute little fluffy creature. Somebody gave one to an admiral as a joke. Best day ever on the job. So, we're all happy family... Can I please date McCoy now?"
"Damn Vulcan stubbornness. And human stubbornness to..."
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairings: Step-brother Spock x reader
Some McCoy x reader

Notes: written awhile back and I don't know if I should continue it. I wanted to play around with Sarek and Amanda as characters...

Complete crack on my part, as some may say
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