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The music was soft but held nervousness underneath the surface. You've faced armies of Daleks with less fear than now. No matter what you faced outside of your universe or time era, the rules were simple. Follow the doctor, do what's right. He always took the moral high ground, you never had to do what you didn't want to do- no, that wasn't quite true. You never had to do what wasn't for the best future.
And this, this was a mistake beyond all others. Your life, the life of someone who followed the doctor and saved both his life and the world, was going to get married. You felt like you would be sick or faint all at once. And a name left your lips before you knew what was happening, a mantra you murmured as you walked up the aisle.
"Doctor, save me. I'm making a mistake. Doctor, doctor, doctor."
And you saw his smile. It made your eyes shine like the morning sun, to see him standing there in a full black suit and watching you with those eyes. Eyes which could see all the beauty in the universe beneath all the pain.
But he wasn't standing in the right spot. You felt another lift your veil and you gave a nervous smile. The doctor was staring right at you, taking a small step forward and remaining hidden behind large vases of flowers. He was waiting. He expected you to go through with this.
"Doctor, rescue me."
You weren't sure if he could see the slight movement of your lips as you whispered the words, or if it was from a telepathic link he never quite broke. Nevertheless, he turned around as if someone shot a laser at him and he took quick strides to go through a door. He spun a cane he had and put a top-hat on his head, lastly fixing his bow tie before vanishing into the room.
You hoped he'd do something soon, as the vows were almost to be given.
"I object! Oi, I always wanted to do that."
The doctor gave a smile as he squeezed past the people sitting down and stood in the aisle, placing his cane down on the ground briefly before pointing it at the man before you. He then glanced at it.
"Sonic cane. Jealous yet?" The doctor gave nobody time to reply as he came before you, making you turn to face him.
"Want to run away with me?"
In retrospect, those were the worst words the doctor could have used. The man tried to punch him and the doctor took a leap off the low pedestal you were on to dodge it.
"Watch where you aim, you almost hit me."
"That was the plan."
"You'd hit me at your wedding? Where's your manners?"
The doctor held his cane out as if it was a sword as he took a step behind you, peering over your shoulder with a studious gaze.
"He's the violent sort of fellow, isn't he?"
Your future husband glared and in the rows of guests, Rory glanced at Amy. "He always does this to his companion's dates, doesn't he?" Amy merely hid her face behind her Tardis-blue invitation, almost scared that the doctor would get hit. The doctor was almost scared of the same thing.
"Why are you marrying him? Do you actually love him? Or is this because I accidentally dropped you into a parallel universe?"
"If I was in a parallel universe, the parallel me would be marrying this man while I would be using the paradox's energy to get myself back to my own universe."
"Hmm, you brilliant thing." The doctor purred into your ear, swaying his body slightly and Rory now hid his head in his hands.
"Amy, he's flirting with the bride."
"I'm not looking for a reason."
The doctor placed his hand on your hip, putting his arm around you as your (perhaps) future husband reached out to grab your hand. You were caught between both men as the doctor looked at you with adventure sparkling in his eyes.
"So what do you want to do?"
"It's my wedding day. I have no bloody idea what I want to do. That's why I called you."
The doctor rolled his eyes behind your head and pressed a kiss to the back of your head, speaking softly into your hair.
"Right then, my little minx, you either go with me where I'll show you all the stars in the galaxy, or you stay here while you marry this psychotic alien."
You paused for a moment, reaching behind you to place a hand in the doctor's hair and make him place his head on your shoulder so you could see him better.
"Well, yeah... I figured you knew. It seems like an important talk to have before you get married... You choose him over me?" The doctor looked physically hurt at the last part and the man- now known as an alien- pulled out a laser gun of the sorts.
"Stop talking. And give me the sonic cane."
The doctor held it out to you then took a running stride towards Amy and Rory.
"I think this is a good time to leave. All things considering."
There was a blast from the gun as you swung the cane and smacked them in the jaw. Blue goo dripped from their mouths and they slowly twitched. They then suddenly shot a hand forward but it was slashed at with a Roman-styled blade.
"Hands off of her."
"Rory, did you have that with you the entire time?"
Rory looked sheepishly at Amy who crossed her arms.
"Anyways, I say we run. Considering all the guests are aliens waiting to eat us in their trap."
"It's a trap?!"
Amy looked at the doctor who started to push you away from the rest of the wedding party.
"No, but if you want to think so, go ahead."
Amy rolled her eyes as she grabbed Rory's arm and began running towards where they parked the Tardis. You glanced back at the guests to see eyes becoming a demonic red.
You felt the doctor scoop you up and you put your arms around his neck with a faint smile.
"This is my best wedding yet. I get to run away with the most amazing man in all of space and time."
The doctor smiled down at you, lips curling and eyes shinning as you took a hand to mess up his gel-backed hair. He looked better with it all over the place.
"I promise to take you to an amazing honeymoon to compensate."
"Only if you'll be there with me."
"Oh, for the love of god, stop flirting!"
Amy's voice brought you back to the reality that all four of you were being chased by aliens of unknown origins. You felt completely safe though, in the doctor's arms. You fixed his crooked bow tie and he skidded trough the doors of the Tardis right before Rory slammed them closed.
"Well, then, where should we go?"
The doctor spun around and placed you on the ground, his back to the console and your arms still around his neck.
"You did promise me a honeymoon."
The doctor fixed his jacket before putting an arm around your shoulders and pressing down on a lever by his head.
"And I know just the spot."
"No aliens?"
"Only me. And you."
He winked as he pushed a button and a jerk of the Tardis made you fall onto him. Amy meanwhile still refused to look.
"They're still flirting. We almost got shot to death by lasers, and they won't stop."
Amy couldn't disagree with Rory on that one though.
I've been on a marathon of all doctor who, sixth series. And I love it when the eleventh doctor flirts. It's awkward and all of that, but total fan service. Therefor, I dedicate this to that, and those gorgeous suits with top-hats outfits he wears. Hatters gonna hat. Lovers gonna love. 
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